Cheap monthly SEO contracts don’t work

Posted December 3, 2017 by ThomasDecker

No matter how enthusiastic you feel about cheap monthly SEO contracts they never work.
No matter how enthusiastic you feel about cheap monthly SEO contracts they never work. I speak this from experience because I have burnt my hands on trying to save money on SEO.

From my experience I have come to know of many businesses like mine that mindlessly invested in SEO without finding about what it’s all about. There are people I know that didn’t even know the full form of SEO but since their competitors were doing SEO they also started doing SEO. It is because of customers like these that companies offering cheap monthly SEO contracts thrive in the market. And don’t think that these companies don’t thrive now – you can find many of them making good money at the expense of their unsuspecting clients.

If someone offers monthly SEO contracts at $99 per month what do you expect them to do? Well you may expect them to deliver the world to you but what they can actually deliver makes no sense for you. You will spend $99 per month for six months, see no results and then again sign a contract with someone else for $150 a month. This will continue to go on till the time you come to the conclusion that SEO doesn’t work. But we all know that SEO works don’t we? It’s just that cheap SEO seldom works.

Coming back to why cheap monthly SEO contracts don’t work. Here are my inputs.

SEO starts with your site audit. At $99 per month what you will get is your SEO partner asking you to list the keywords that you want to get ranked for. They will do you an additional favor by inserting these keywords in your site meta title and some part of your site content.

If you look for customer identification for $99 per month you get none of it. Your SEO company will simply not have enough money to meet your customers to ask them what they want.

Keyword optimization will be done but it will be done in a farcical manner. You can expect about 20 or 30 minutes kept aside for this activity. Are you thinking long tailed keywords? Please forget them.

Content creation and management will be as shoddy as the rest of the work. Content creation will be outsourced to even cheaper writers and if you closely scrutinize the content they produce you will come to know that you could have done better.

Link building will consist of placing links in the list of websites that these SEO companies maintain. This will not do your website any good and on the contrary Google may just end up shoving a penalty down your throat.

And if you are thinking about progress reports you can forget that too. There will be some vague stuff that will tell you nothing.

Cheap monthly SEO contracts don’t work and these points should’ve told you that by now. If indeed you want SEO done for your website partner with a reliable SEO company and spend more if required.

Have you been approached by someone with cheap monthly SEO contracts ( ) ? Ensure you stay away because most of these monthly contracts ( ) fail to deliver.
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