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Trekking poles transfer some of your body weight onto the arms and off the legs.
What kind of shoes are suitable for outdoor hiking? Teach you how to pick shoes, socks, trekking poles
What kind of work do you prepare to participate in outdoor activities? It is especially important to find a pair of hiking shoes, trekking poles and a pair of good socks that suit your feet before hiking for a long time. Choosing hiking shoes, woolen socks, and looking at trekking poles are important pre-departure homework. Do you really know your feet? Internal rotation, external rotation, and arches, except that Merino wool socks are expensive, are they really better to wear?

Good things don’t have to be expensive. The most difficult thing is to know your feet and choose shoes and trekking poles that suit you. Without the best equipment, you can only make good use of them to become your own hiking and mountaineering weapons.

Use these
Shoes mid-tube hiking shoes
Backpack Backpack with waist buckle and chest buckle
Hat has a wider brim for sun protection
Clothes, long sleeves for moisture absorption and perspiration
Windbreaker with a hat
Pants Multi-pocket water repellent hiking pants
Socks Merino wool socks
Headscarf for keeping warm and windshield
Trekking poles Rotating foam handle
Rain gear cape style raincoat
Pick a few very important equipment instructions: hiking shoes, woolen socks, trekking poles, carefully calculated this way.
Even in the low-altitude suburban mountains, these good magic weapons are still needed!

hiking shoes
Generally, it is recommended to choose hiking shoes for long-term walking (5 days in a row), so if you plan to walk for a short time, at least low-profile hiking shoes are required. If you have to walk a full distance, such as more than 200 kilometers, the stability of high-top hiking shoes is relatively high.

After thinking about the types of shoes, the next step is the style. Even the hiking shoes of the same outdoor brand have many styles. Then please measure your arch, foot length, and pick up your old shoes to see which arch you belong to, internal rotation or external rotation.
So choose the shoes shown below

M brand mid-tube hiking shoes test
Because of the foot arch stabilizer, I don’t feel tired even if I walk 20 kilometers.
Quick-drying upper
Gore Tex waterproof breathable cloth
Extra protection on the toe cap
Rubber grip is not bad
You still have to be careful when walking on slippery roads full of fallen leaves
My last pair of hiking shoes is Salomon. It is also a pair of hiking shoes that will not be tired after walking for a long time. Compared with M brand, Salomon shoes are softer. If the ankle belongs to people who need more stability, you can wear more Look at the double comparison.
One cannot have only one pair of shoes.

In addition, a pair of running shoes for independent training will be prepared. After passing through Nike, New balance, and Colombia, this time buy On jogging shoes to try. On a Swiss company specializing in sports running shoes, the most important reason for fancying him is the cushion protection of the soles, which is also very suitable for walking.

My socks world only has cotton socks. After studying the book of the feet and the foot protection bible, I resolutely bought wool socks and tested it.
woollen socks

One pair is Salomon wool socks and the other is ENFORMA wool walking socks. I thought that woolen socks would pierce the skin when worn, but accidentally discovered that they would not. Instead, they would have the strongest effect when walking for a long time (for example, five hours).
Now, as long as you walk for more than 5 hours, you will wear wool socks directly, and you rarely wear cotton socks (it should be said...I don’t look good, once I know how to pick socks, I can’t go back! Wool socks are really easy to wear).

There is a third thing for mountain climbing and trekking, which is a trekking pole.
Trekking poles
Isn't it true that only veterans can use trekking poles? Friend asked
This misunderstanding is really big! Although trekking poles are not necessary equipment, they are a good helper for trekking that you can't give up. From not using trekking poles to becoming a fan of trekking poles, give a personal example:

When I walked 15 kilometers up the mountain for the first time, I didn't bring trekking poles. The force of the up and downhill was purely on the knees. Although the downhill was very refreshing, the knees were a bit wailing. When I returned home, I found that the muscles around my knees were very sore, including the calf, and the pain continued for at least 3 days to get better.

In fact, the speed of walking with a stick is slightly slower. On the one hand, it avoids overuse of the knees. On the other hand, trekking poles can slow down at least 20% of the knee impact, and can also maintain body balance and reduce the chance of falling. After walking home, I still feel more than enough. The calf is not sore and the knee is still alive, indicating that I can continue walking.

It reduces knee fatigue and the pressure on joints. This is the reason why you decided to use trekking poles with your knees. I can’t be lazy when I’m healthy. I’m willing to use trekking poles to protect my knees.
How do I pick trekking poles? Partner asks. Pick trekking poles and remember the following points
Length: This is related to height, so you can't buy it randomly. The height of the hand-held grip to the ground must be actually tested. The amplitude of the telescopic rod when climbing up or down also needs to be included in the height calculation, and must be tested on site.

Storage method: It can be divided into telescopic type (suitable for complex terrain, sufficient stability) or folding (one-day hike). If trekking poles must be boarded with you, the length after storage must be considered.

Material: The rod body is made of aluminum or carbon fiber, which is related to price and weight. There is no best as long as you can accept it. As for the grip material, there are usually 3 kinds, cork, rubber or foam, which are roughly OK depending on the temperature of the environment you are using, and it feels easy to touch.
The most important thing is that you must personally use and touch it, and then decide whether you want to buy it to be worthy of the money you earn.
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