What Is Hybrid?, Storm Brain provides an overview of the hip word in the field of marketing

Posted July 22, 2021 by Stormbrain

Storm Brain provides an overview of the hip word in the field of marketing
What Is Hybrid?
Storm Brain provides an overview of the hip word in the field of marketing
2020 was a pivotal year in the world of marketing. It was such a year of immense change, there would always be a distinction between pre-2020 and post 2020. While this moment has been ready to take place for a while due to all the immense advances that the world of technology has been making over recent years, the final event that pushed the world into a far greater online presence was of course the global pandemic and its strict requirements to adhere to social distancing.
Now, we have words such as hybrid that pop on in our fields of marketing and if you are just struggling to keep up to date with all the changes in the field, you might not be aware of what the term implies. Storm Brain is a trusted B2B marketing agency in Orange County and their team of professionals shared the following insights on hybrid.
“2020 forced the globe into creating virtual communities. While this is the way to operate in our current time and the preferred option for most B2B marketing strategies, we need to consider that most likely the world will want to return to in-person contact once again. It is only part of our human nature to interact on a more personal level. This is where hybrid would be fulfilling a major role. Marketers across the globe remain aware of the fact that there will come a time when people would want to return to in-person events. Until that day arises, it remains the core of our duty to keep our online communities interested and occupied in a virtual world. However, we can never lose focus of the idea that we are or will be, serving two communities. One is a more traditional market, relying on and preferring a personal touch in all kinds of interaction, while the other is completely remote” says Blake J. Nolan, president and creative director to the trusted brand.
He then expands on how they foresee hybrid will take place. The first point that Nolan makes is that there will be a slow return to more in-person contact especially when it comes to b2b marketing. An easing in the restrictions would set the foundation for this to take place. Hybrid would fulfil a role when the gradual shift takes place switching between in-person and online contact to move into a new direction.
“Throughout the incorporation of hybrid, the focus would remain to deliver on more effective in-person contact while not losing out on reaching larger crowds that were possible by relying on an online audience,” Nolan concludes.
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