AR Steering the Future of eCommerce

Posted July 22, 2021 by Stormbrain

eCommerce platforms are becoming more versatile and includes a much wider range of products now than ever before.
AR Steering the Future of eCommerce
It couldn’t possibly be a better time for the world of eCommerce. As a trading platform, it is simply booming as more consumers prefer to opt for this safe and convenient way of shopping. It is a shopping platform that is continuously expanding as the product range available on eCommerce platforms are becoming more versatile and includes a much wider range of products now than ever before. As the platform is growing at such a tremendous pace and more role players are getting involved in the industry, it is only natural for certain trends to immerge as well. According to the team that are specializing in eCommerce marketing in San Diego, the professionals at Storm Brain, these trends are set to take the world of eCommerce to even greater heights.
It is time for augmented reality (AR) to transform the world of online shopping. What this advanced solution brings is the opportunity to give clients the most realistic experience of the products they want to buy to help them to enjoy a complete virtual shopping experience. Several leading brand names is currently setting new benchmarks in eCommerce when it comes to AR.
One of the brands that is guiding the way with the magic they are creating is IKEA. Using the IKEA app, called IKEA Place, consumers of this trusted brand can get access to superimposed images of the products they are interested in. It serves as a helpful guide to determine whether it is the correct furniture you are looking for and to decide whether it is what you truly desire.
Even GAP has taken to this trend and by using the very helpful Dressing Room app, online customers to the trusted brand can now try on clothing in a virtual mirror. Now, who doesn’t like to enjoy such an experience from the comfort of your home at a time convenient to your busy schedule? The application merely requires your measurements and within seconds you will be able to see a life-size mannequin with your body type showing you what you would look like in the item of your choice. This is the kind of experience that is even better than looking at an image in a real mirror often underneath the harshest and unflattering lighting commonly found in store dressing rooms.
As a leading name in the cosmetic industry, L’Oreal also opted for AR to give their clients the most realistic experience. By using their ModiFace software, customers to the reputable brand can now utilize a mere peak through the frontal camera on their smartphones to get a realistic image of the changes to their appearance they can expect from any L’Oreal product. The app makes it evident what product in their many ranges will suit your features the best, serving as a trusted guide to the confused consumer who is not certain what to opt for during their purchases.
These are only a few of the leading names that rely on AR to expand on their brand’s success. While eCommerce started as a small transition that almost served as nothing more than a mere trial run to see how shopping can be transformed in the future, it has rapidly become the norm for a vast number of consumers. It is also a number that is growing at such a rapid rate that those who want to remain on the edge of their field, realises that they need to rely on a trusted team to take them beyond what is possible. Such a team would be the team of eCommerce marketing experts in San Diego, the team at Storm Brain.
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