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You mainly wear socks to provide additional protection to your heel or ankle area. You continuously make use of your legs to keep walking. Else utilize them for your mobility. Those worn-out tendons of your leg muscles require pampering. Also, your feet rub against the ground, and the friction leads to constant wear and tear of your limbs. Wearing socks can cushion the effect of the feet directly rubbing against the ground. You wear woolen socks at places where temperatures are really cold. This way, your ankle area or heel can be kept warm.
In this segment, you are going to have a look at different styles of socks you can wear for occasions. You have football socks, knee-length socks, ankle socks, crochet socks, booties and a lot many. Would you love discovering each and every style?
Introducing you to some of the different styles of socks, you will fall in love with:
Ankle socks
These are socks that are just worn around your ankle area. Trainers who wear low-cut shoes at the gym or aerobic centers prefer wearing ankle socks. The ankle-length wear can also prevent your feet from getting cracks or blisters. Casual style people can add a variety of ankle socks to give a new persona to their image.
Calf-length socks
These are socks that are usually longer than your ankle-length socks. These offer warmth and an extra dose of protection too. Stylish girls and men can camouflage these kind of socks with shorts, skirts, and casual dresses. These add extra pep to your overall style of dressing.
Crew-length socks
Again crew length socks are quite similar to calf-length socks. These are usually 6 to 8 inches long, covering your calf muscles. Crew length socks are more durable for adventurous activities like hiking, mountain biking, and other sports activities. These are unisex. In other words, crew length socks can be worn by both men and women. Children prefer this variety of socks as it is neither too long nor too short.
Knee-length socks
Women love wearing knee-length socks to cover their boots. These cover the length up until the knee-area. The variety of socks are extremely popular among fashionistas who love flaunting with their looks or through their sense of dressing. Girls wearing school uniforms prefer wearing knee-length socks for that extra protection or cushion for the feet. These provide overall protection against cold or torrential weather conditions too. Knee-length socks also look great when you sport them for outdoor or physical training activities.
Thigh-high socks
Also known as stockings, these are a stylish ensemble in any woman’s wardrobe. The socks are made from satin or silk material too. The variety of socks are an essential part of a woman’s wedding dress too. The silky stockings are so cozy to wear on, that you tend to feel addicted to wearing them.
Crochet baby booties
Crochet booties are usually hand-made using a woolen yarn. These booties can keep your baby’s feet snugly warm. As the yarn can be procured in a variety of shades, you can use your creativity to embroider a nice little flower or an animal’s picture. These booties are the ones your babies usually would love wearing on.
Leg-warmer socks
For those ladies who love giving away style statements, suave pairs of leg-warmer socks can do the honors. These are female socks that have always hit the fashion industry. They are sensational and have been sported by global celebrities too. The pair of socks vary in material or style. You could go in, for either hand-made versions or the factory outlet ones.
Frill socks
These are baby’s socks just like the crochet booties, just that the socks look little longer. The baby girl or boy can be covered knee-length with the frill socks. These pairs of socks are also usually hand-made.
Skiing socks
These are an exclusive pair of socks designed for snow-skiing enthusiasts. You can use them for your hiking or backpacking or other outdoor activities too. These are pairs of socks that can keep your feet warm and comfortable. The material and design with which they are designed surpass higher quality.
Snow-board socks
Snow board socks are yet another spectacular variety on sports styled pick. The pair of socks can keep your feet warm or protected during colder or torrential weather conditions. Snow-board socks are a must-have for those of you who reside in some of the colder countries of the world.
Football socks
These are kind of socks that are merely not footwear based ones. Apart from meeting the basic requirement of keeping your feet warm and dry!
Football socks are usually designed in this way. These provide an added cushion against your feet meeting up with common injuries. As football is quite a hard-core aggressive game where you may slip and fall pretty often.
Slip-toe socks
These are a unique variety of socks. In the sense that the socks have a slot dedicated to highlighting your toe alone. You wear bathroom slippers to keep your feet warm during cold summer nights. You can camouflage the effects better while you opt for slip-toe socks as well. You also get a better grip while you constantly walk across wooden floors.
Ballet-grip socks
These are a pair of almost invisible socks. Especially when you wear booties or stilettoes, over these! You just discover or notice the strips of the socks. This way, your onlookers figure out that you are wearing socks.
Smart-wool socks
For that extra comfort and snugly effect during winter days, these smart wool socks are surely going to solve the purpose. These are calf-length socks made from 100% wool. Your feet are going to love you for wearing these!
Compression socks
Compression socks are ones that aid a healthier blood circulation for your legs. This happens when the pair of socks pushes the pressure of the feet or the compressed blood out of your legs. The pair of socks creates an artificial pressure while these fit snugly to your ankle area. This helps in the creation of a better venous pressure. And can prevent swelling or blisters getting on to your toe area or feet area. These are a must have for those of you who drive longer hours or stand at factories over elongated periods.
Those mentioned above are a few of the different styles of socks available for purchase online. Just get online and browse through the collection of men’s, women’s and kid’s socks right away!
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