How to Care for Your Teeth with Composite Bonding

Posted January 11, 2021 by simplyteethessex

Dental experts in Essex provide aftercare tips to get lasting results from composite bonding.
The trusted team of dental experts at Simply Teeth Essex relies on composite bonding when they fill cavities and do restorative cosmetic dentistry. Composite bonding has the same colour as teeth and it is one of the most appreciated features of the advanced solution to dental care. It contains powdered glass and ceramic and has no toxic ingredients which can cause health concerns later in life. When their dental experts apply the composite powder to your teeth, they add it to a specific resin which hardens and deliver the same level of strength as amalgam.

“Composite bonding brought several benefits to dental care. It contains no mercury and it bonds even better than amalgam to the tooth surface, meaning we must do less drilling to ensure a secure bond. It is also much more pleasing to look at and our team noticed composite fillings causes far less long-term issues than amalgam, resulting in fewer fractures and sensitivity,” says Dr Sunny Sihra, director to the leading dental practice in Essex.

It is a favoured solution especially to teeth that are visible when you smile such as those at the side of your mouth or in front. When you need any fillings or cosmetic fixing of chips, cracks or even fixing the shape of a tooth, this team uses composite bonding to bring you the desired visual appeal.

When it comes to any kind of dental care, the better you care for the composite bonding in your mouth, the longer-lasting benefits you will gain from the treatment. Thus, Dr Sihra shares some tips on how you can improve the longevity of the treatment and have lasting visual appeal simply by taking some steps as part of your aftercare.

“Dental hygiene is of the utmost importance when you have composite fillings. Now more than ever you must brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss daily. Cut down or even try to completely avoid food and drinks which can stain the composite. These would include tea, coffee, and tobacco for at least two days after your procedure. Dental hygiene is of utmost importance so, book regular visits for a dental cleaning. Lastly, avoid biting on any hard objects such as hard foods and candies. Even people who bite their nails should try their best not to do it as any hard impact can damage the filling,” Dr Sihra explains.

If you take the steps to care for your composite bonding, you can enjoy years of flaunting a magnificent smile.

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