Dental Experts Help to Put an End to Bleeding Gums

Posted January 11, 2021 by simplyteethessex

Explore the various causes of bleeding gums and the available treatment options.
Bleeding gums is often painful. It can also cause somewhat of an embarrassment if you aren’t aware that your gums have started bleeding when you flash your friendly smile. There are several factors which can cause your gums to bleed. These vary from plaque build-up to periodontal diseases, gum recession, gingivitis or inflamed gums. When you are struggling with bleeding gums, your first step of action would be to make a dental appointment.

“When patients come to our clinic with the complaint that they are struggling with gums that are bleeding at times, our team will do a complete dental check of your mouth, gums and teeth to determine the cause of the bleeding,” says Dr Sunny Sihra, the director to the leading dental practice, Simply Teeth Essex.

“We have a range of the most advanced technology and equipment and our staff is highly skilled to accurately diagnose underlying dental issues you may have. In the case of plaque build-up, we’ll proceed with dental cleaning of your teeth. Bacteria in the mouth cause plaque build-up. It lives off the sugary content of the food we eat, getting stuck onto our teeth for prolonged periods when regular brushing lacks. When plaque build-up isn’t removed, it can cause gingivitis,” Dr Sihra explains some causes and treatments for bleeding gums.

In some severe cases, it might also be the result of gum recession, when the gum tissue has become so inflamed it pulls away from the tooth surface, creating pockets between teeth and gums. These pockets are the perfect place for even more severe bacterial activity which damages the gum tissue and the tooth structure, causing tooth decay. The team offers several advanced treatments for gum recession. They’ll clean out the bacteria and the damaged tissue and to attach the healthy tissue back onto the surface of your tooth.
While not all causes of bleeding gums are the same in severity, it is a sign of underlying concerns which you need to address without delay.

“The sooner patients take action to determine the causes and resolve the concern, the lesser treatment they might require and the faster healing would take place. Although we have the equipment and skills to do the most outstanding procedures and offer advanced treatments, the objective remains to minimise pain, infection and to prevent any tooth losses. Thus, we always urge people to rather make that appointment at our practice earlier rather than later,” Dr Sihra emphasises the importance of seeking dental care as soon as that you notice your dental concern.

Our family-owned clinic of Simply Teeth Essex has been the trusted partner in dental care in Essex for more than 40 years. As a family in dental care, our commitment is to provide outstanding dental services. This has earned us a reputable and trusted name in the local community. All our clients enjoy an abundance of benefits of outstanding medical equipment, experienced professionals, a friendly and warm environment and an array of premium solutions to your dental concerns. You will be able to enjoy immaculate dental care at affordable pricing. As part of our reliable care, we also offer several payment plans to help you pay for the treatments you need. Visit our website or give us a call or send an email and see how we can assist you.
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