The Perfect Gift for Parents

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Except in this story - you are the hero. Make a little bit of treasure for your family.
220 pages
ISBN - 978-1-908211-82-8
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The Perfect Gift for Parents

Publisher Carpet Bombing Culture have just released a new title, ‘This is My Life Story: The Easy Autobiography for Everybody’ and everybody is buying it for mum and dad. The book invites the owner to write their memories by hand directly into it’s pages in response to a series of writing prompts, thereby creating a unique document of their lives.

Early adopters have praised the book for it’s encouraging and inspirational style.

“I like the way the author encourages you in positive ways to begin writing your own autobiography, something I've thought about doing but was forever putting off. Now I've no excuse!” Lee Cornes, Actor

The book digests the big scary idea of an ‘autobiography’ into bite sized chunks and coaches non-writers to believe in the value of their writing.

“The writer guides us on how to write your own life story with lots of clues, inspirations and enough motivation. Finally, I can feel that I am a writer too!”

Writer Patrick Potter offers further coaching on Instagram and a Facebook community (featuring his mum and dad) for people (of any age) who want to have a go at using the book but need a little extra support.

Back Cover Blurb

Do you want to write the story of your life but don't know where to start?
This is My Life Story guides you on a journey through your life with engaging prompts, questions and thought experiments that can jump start your memories and get you writing before you know it. Every life is a story worth telling. But how do you begin? Your life story is unique, you know it's worth telling. So what can you do? What if you could answer a series of questions and end up with your life story in a book? Anyone can use this book, really at any age. Your authentic voice is more important than your writerly skills. You don't need to be a writer, you just write exactly how you talk. This book uses chronology and a universal story structure to ensure that your autobiography will be a bona fide page turner, with plenty of space for you to express yourself. Simply reflect, let the memories flow and write them down, in your voice. No critics. No worries. Just Your Life Story. Every life is a hero's journey, and this book shows you how to pick out the key moments of your own life that match the timeless structure that underlies all great stories. Except in this story - you are the hero. Make a little bit of treasure for your family.
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