Concept of Extending Our Eye Lashes

Posted January 19, 2021 by luxseardecors

Eyelash extensions are semi permanent lashes that are hand-glued on top of our natural lashes.
Lankiz eyelash extensions are glued on individually, unlike strip lashes; they are super customizable and actually look real. If we actually take care of them, eyelash extensions can last for six to eight weeks until they naturally fall out like our lashes usually do. Once they start falling out, though, we can go back and have our lash stylist fill in the missing pieces. So, technically, we can make our extensions last indefinitely.

Eyelash extensions premade fans aren't dangerous if our technician is following the correct methods and using the proper materials. Before we head to our appointment, ask the salon about the ingredients in the lash adhesive they use. If they can’t answer our question, cancel the appointment, and if they say the glue contains formaldehyde (a known eye irritant that can cause redness, irritation, and itchy, swollen eyelids), def cancel the appointment. It may cost us a little more, but it’s best to choose a salon that uses glues made with butyl cyanoacrylate and octyl cyanoacrylate instead of formaldehyde. Lash extensions are semi-permanent, synthetic, faux mink or silk fibers that are applied strand by strand with specially formulated non-irritating glue to our own lashes to enhance our eye shape.

Traditional false eyelashes, which are short volume lash extensions, are removed after each use, are applied directly to the skin and have pre-designed depth and layers that don't take our unique eye shape into account. Extensions, on the other hand, attach to the lashes themselves, so they grow out naturally and can be customized to create specific depth and elongate to our eye shape for the exact affect us crave. Lashmer nail and eyelash supplier advises that the stronger our natural lashes are the better. If we already have healthy growth, extensions will hold better and the overall appearance of our set will look better, too. Vitamins for our hair, nails and skin are a good for maintaining optimal lash health, with or without a set of extensions.

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