Ayurvedic Food Diet For Weight Loss

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Originating in ancient India, Ayurveda translates to life "Ayur" science "Veda". The practice of Ayurveda goes beyond medicine; it is a lifestyle one has to follow to live a healthy and fulfilling life.
Originating in ancient India, Ayurveda translates to life "Ayur" science "Veda". The practice of Ayurveda goes beyond medicine; it is a lifestyle one has to follow to live a healthy and fulfilling life.
How do you choose?
Every Ayurvedic weight loss diet plan involves incorporating certain practices in your food intake habit. These include changing the quality of the food you eat based on the dosha of your body.
Your dosha refers to the dominant composition or energy of your body. There are primarily three types which are derived from the five elements of air, water, space, fire, and earth. Each of these elements makes up different qualities and attributes within a person.
The doshas are:
● Kapha- Combining earth and water, this is characterized as calm, caring, or even lazy. Common attributes are solid, moist, heavy, and soft.
● Vata- A combination of air and space, people with Vata dosha are impulsive, creative, and expressive. Common attributes are rough, cold, and moody.
● Pitta- Combining fire and water, these people are considered to be motivated, joyful, and smart. They have attributes like hot, active, and sharp.
After reading more about them, determine your dominant dosha. Consult an expert at an Ayurvedic treatment center if you are unsure about your dosha.
The diet plan
Each dominant dosha has a different diet plan to follow. The Ayurveda Institute has specified what each dosha should eat and avoid.
1. Vata
Eat: Vatas should eat sweet fruits such as bananas, avocados, cooked apples or applesauce, grapes, mangos, pineapple, peaches, etc. Every vegetable you eat must be cooked including beets, garlic, carrots, cucumbers, sweet potatoes, green beans, etc. Dairy products are also great but in moderation. Other foods include red lentils, coriander, peanuts, beef, pecans, peanuts, fish, chia seeds, etc. You can even get an Ayurvedic massage for weight loss.
Avoid Dried fruits, raw apples, potatoes, chocolate, barley, and watermelons. Avoid raw and frozen vegetables as well. Meats like turkey, the lamb must be avoided along with legumes like chickpeas and split peas, etc. are harmful as well.
2. Pitta
Eat: Pittas should eat generally all sweet fruits, like vatas. These fruits also include pears, raisins, dates, coconuts, watermelons, etc. When it comes to vegetables, they should eat sweet and bitter such as broccoli, bitter melon, cauliflower, etc. Other food includes black beans, almonds, white chicken meat, pasta, dry cereal, etc.
Avoid: Bread with yeast, brown rice, quinoa, etc. Don't eat pungent vegetables like onions. This is recommended in most Ayurvedic weight loss treatment.
3. Kapha
Eat: Foods like astringent fruit (prunes, pears, raisins, etc.), pungent vegetables (like celery), quinoa, polenta, shrimp, corn, turkey, cottage cheese, dry wine, buttermilk, etc. are recommended.
Avoid: Sweet and sour fruits, juicy or sweet vegetables (like cucumbers), flour, kidney beans, tofu, cheese, chocolate, ketchup, etc. must be avoided.
Weight loss centers in Gurgaon will recommend these diets along with regular exercise. Ayurveda diets say to eat everything recommended but in moderation. Take off your lifestyle along with the food you eat for the best results.
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