Lone Star Dental Care Offers Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Posted November 1, 2019 by johnshown

Lone Star Dental Care is pleased to announce it provides its patients with wisdom tooth extraction.
Frisco, Texas, Lone Star Dental Care is pleased to announce it provides its patients with wisdom tooth extraction. This is a common and often necessary procedure in which the wisdom teeth must be extracted because of any number of problems that have been caused due to their late eruption into the adult mouth.

Wisdom teeth is the common name given to the last set of molars, which typically don’t erupt through the gum line until well after all of an individual’s other teeth have appeared, bringing the total number of teeth to 32. Often, there isn’t enough room for this set of molars. Because of this, they can often come in at odd angles. People often say the wisdom teeth are impacted when this happens, a condition that can be extremely painful and can even lead to infection. For this reason, it’s typically recommended that wisdom teeth are removed when they begin to appear.

Lone Star Dental Care can provide effective and efficient removal of the wisdom teeth for patients. With wisdom tooth removal, patients can prevent any problems, such as tooth pain that may occur due to wisdom teeth, and may also find they are able to bite and chew better, prevent damage to the surrounding teeth and jaw and can maintain proper tooth alignment.

Because not every individual has wisdom teeth, the team at Lone Star Dental Care will also help determine if any problems an individual is having with their back molars is coming from other tooth issues.

To learn more about wisdom tooth extraction, contact the team at Lone Star Dental Care online or by phone at 972-335-7100.

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