Cheap FIFA 15 Coins to Unlock FIFA 15 New Celebrations on Level 1-28

Posted February 3, 2015 by cheapgold

Cheap FIFA 15 Coins to Unlock FIFA 15 New Celebrations on Level 1-28
EA Sports has introduced a grand total of 40 celebrations in FIFA 15, like Samuel Eto'o's infamous old man celebration. But do you know how to unlock them in game? Except for levels and cheap FIFA 15 coins, you should also know how to unlock then in game. Here are 10 celebrations in game.

1. Muevelo

Your scorer takes up a gorilla like stance and moves from side to side. It means joy, fun, or anything else, which is up to you.

You only need to pass level 1 to be able to buy it. Once it’s usable, hold L1 then flick R3 right then left. For Xbox hold LB and move RS right then left.

2. Right Here Right Now

It is from Cristiano Ronaldo, who runs to the corner, jumps, spins with his arms clenched at his side.

Remarkably, you only need to pass level 3 to enable this celebration. Once you buy it with cheap FIFA 15 coins PS, hold R1 and press circle, or RB and B.

3. Hand Bite

It is from Vintage Fabio Borini. The Liverpool man has used this celebration throughout his career and his performances for Sunderland last season convinced EA to include it in this year’s title.

To buy this celebration you only need to pass level 6. To use it, hold L2 and flick R3 down then up. Use the same respective buttons for Xbox.

4. The Prancing Bird

The bird walk is one of the most loved celebrations on the FIFA series today. However, you can take it to a whole new level and perform the bird walk on steroids.

You need to pass level 11, and hold R1 a hit square, or RB and X for Xbox after buying it with FIFA 15 coins Xbox 360.

5. The Old Man

Eto'o's old man celebration is now seen everywhere. To be eligible to unlock The Old Man, you need to pass level 12. To use it, simply hold L2 and press R3, or LT and RS on Xbox.

6. Muscle Flex

The celebration Mario Balotelli made famous during the Euro 2012 semi-final against Germany.

You need to pass level 16, and then hold R1 and flick R3 up and down to use it. For Xbox it’s the same story, hold RB and flick RS up and down.

7. Dance #1

Once you’ve passed level 22 and bought it from the EAS FC Catalogue, hold R1 and flick R3 down twice. Same goes for the Xbox.

8. Stand Up Tall

Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney used this pose after scoring THAT overhead kick back in 2011.

Once you’ve passed level 26 and bought it, hold RB down and hold RS to the left. Same buttons apply for PlayStation users.

9. Kiss The Wrist

Luis Suarez kisses a couple of tattoos he has on his wrist every time he scores.

After level 27 has been passed and the celebration has been bought, hold L2 and double tap circle. Or if you’re on Xbox, hold LT and double tap B.

10. Flag Kick

A celebration for the passive aggressive gamer out there. Run to the corner and flatten the corner flag with a scissor kick of sorts.

After level 28 has been negotiated, hold L1 and double tap square.

Levels and cheap FIFA 15 coins are the essential prerequisites to unlock these celebrations. So if you need free FIFA 15 coins on all consoles, you can have a chance to get free coins on Fifapal facebook by predicting FIFA 15 TOTW forwards. Have fun!


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