Who comedians are and what are different types they perform

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Becoming a comedian is an exercise in determination, patience, faith and confidence.
Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.’ And a sense of humor is helpful – both in the often lengthy process of becoming one and, of course, in the actuality of being one. Comedians typically develop an overall structure for their act, and also create an on-stage personality that they will use and keep consistent throughout the show. They are professional entertainers who amuse by relating anecdotes, acting out comical situations, engaging in humorous repartee, etc.

Female stand-up comedians often perform in corporate events, comedy clubs, bars and pubs, nightclubs, neo-burlesques, colleges and theatres. As the name implies, "stand-up" comedians usually perform their material while standing, though this is not mandatory. Stand up comedian does live shows where they literally stand up on a stage and tell jokes.

Funny women comedians are females who participate in comedy works as well as their experience within the social environment.

Different types of comedy are:

a. Situational Comedy
Situational comedy gets its humor from awkward, amusing situations. Called “sitcoms” for short, situational comedies are usually TV shows in which a small set of characters gets into a different situation in each episode.

b. Romantic Comedy
Romantic comedies deal with a romantic relationship, almost always between a young woman and a young man. Romantic comedies are often considered dramedies.

c. Physical Comedy
Physical comedy or slapstick might be the oldest type of comedy around – it’s pies in the face, banana peels, farts, and other physical gags.

d. Dark Comedy
Dark comedy or gallows humor is a way of processing the sadness and despair that may occur in the face of these things.

e. Farce
Farces usually use an extremely exaggerated combination of physical comedy and situational comedy, and are usually thick with plot twists, hidden identities, and confusing surprises.

f. Topical humor
Topical humor deals with current events, especially politics.

g. Spoof or Parody
A spoof or parody is a comedy that imitates the rules and clichés of another movie or genre. For example, the film Scary Movie makes fun of horror films through exaggeration and confusion.

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