DaaS – Computing In The Future

Posted July 31, 2021 by BellIntegrationuk

An overview on how to future-proof your systems,DaaS – Computing In The Future
DaaS – Computing In The Future
An overview on how to future-proof your systems
What is DaaS? A quick explanation for those who are unsure of what the term entails, it boils down to relying on cloud-based software tools to manage all your data requirements. It means that a service provider, like Bell Integration, would provide virtual desktops that offer flexibility through licensing per-user subscription. While DaaS has enjoyed growing interest over the past couple of months, it is only now during the past 18 months of a worldwide evolution in the business world that it truly took on. The global pandemic changed the world in so many ways and how we run our business entities and structure our systems have surely been one of the areas where the most change took place. This was change driven by the need to survive amidst unprecedented circumstances.
“When the world went into lockdown and restrictions limited business operations, companies had to jump to set-up systems that will enable their workforce to maintain their levels of productivity through hybrid working models. During this time, DaaS proved itself as an effective solution to facilitate all the needs of the modern working environment. It is a way to offer our clients scalable solutions and the structure of DaaS enabled us to address the needs of our clients and to fit out their employees, quickly. One of the reasons we find our clients prefer this type of solution is that it allows entities to mitigate the cost and expenditure that they would have had on investing in new hardware as they can now access all they need on a subscription basis,” says Eugene O’Sullivan, the strategy and innovation director at the Bell Integration CTO office.
As this is the way of computing in the future, O’Sullivan further expanded on how their team forecasts that the DaaS, as a solution will grow within the next three years by up to 150%. While this is the solution of the future, another driving force behind this immense expansion is the cost savings that it holds for all businesses who opt for DaaS. O’Sullivan further states that it is vital that companies realise the major impact that the costs of staying up to date with your technology can have on your budget. As your competitors are in the same race as you, falling behind can also come to cost much more than the investments you will have to make to stay at the edge. Thus, consider DaaS and make your business future-proof.
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