A simple analysis of the characteristics of embroidery machines

Posted February 25, 2021 by zhujizhiyu

Most modern embroidery machines are computer-controlled and specifically engineered for embroidery.
Most modern embroidery machines are computer-controlled and specifically engineered for embroidery.

Industrial and commercial embroidery machines and combination sewing-embroidery machines have a hooping or framing system that holds the framed area of ​​​​fabric taut under the sewing needle and moves it automatically to create a design from a pre-programmed digital embroidery pattern.

Today we will briefly introduce the characteristics of embroidery machines:

1. The modern embroidery machine has an excellent automatic thread trimming system, which makes the embroidery thread clean, feels good, and reduces the wrinkle and shrinkage of the embroidery; the intelligent machine reduces manpower and labor costs.

2. It can realize the stitched embroidery with large stitches, and it can be accurately connected, even for the 86-head machine.

3. Enrich embroidery designs and colors to meet the market's multi-color demand.

4Ultra-thin materials can be embroidered. When turning patterns with sparse stitches, there is no need to pad paper at all. It can embroider directly on ultra-thin materials such as cogen yarn to help customers save costs.

5. The high speed is diversified, and the speed can reach 1000 revolutions per minute. It is suitable for the design of various large and small home textile products, welcomes the merger and leads the market trend, and enhances the high added value of the enterprise.

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