Cheap Hotel Furniture Factory Introduces Tips For Maintaining Hotel Furniture

Posted December 3, 2020 by zhuangheningbo

Cheap Hotel Furniture Factory reminds nine wrong ways to maintain hotel furniture
Cheap Hotel Furniture Factory reminds nine wrong ways to maintain hotel furniture

1. Do not use a damp cloth with soapy water and detergent to wipe hotel furniture. They are corrosive. If moisture penetrates into the wood, it will also cause the wood to become moldy or partially deformed, which will shorten the service life.
2. Do not use paints that are different in color from the original furniture paint and mix them with putty and insert them into the furniture cracks to prevent scars.
3. Do not place hot items such as high-concentration alcohol, banana water, and freshly boiled water on the table to prevent damage to the paint.
4. Don't put the furniture in a place exposed to sunlight and relatively dry. At the same time, don't put the furniture in a very humid place, as the drawer will not open over time. Of course, do not press heavy objects on the furniture for a long time, which will deform the furniture.
5. Don't apply some wax products directly on the furniture, which will cause foggy spots on the surface of the furniture.
6. Do not spray wax on leather products, it will cause the pores of the leather products to be blocked, accelerate the aging of the leather, and shorten its service life.
7. Do not rinse the furniture made of plywood with water, and avoid soaking it in alkaline water to prevent the plywood from loosening or degumming.
8. Do not use coarse cloth or old clothes to wipe the furniture to prevent scratching the furniture.
9. Don't wipe the dust with a dry cloth, so as not to wear the furniture, make the surface dull and rough, and the light is no longer.
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