Steel Balls Wholesaler Shares Steps For Deoxidizing Cast Steel Balls

Posted April 26, 2020 by yuyaojinghaiboo

Steel Balls Wholesaler shares how to deoxidize cast steel balls
Steel Balls Wholesaler shares how to deoxidize cast steel balls

1. Precipitation deoxidation Add the deoxidizer to the molten steel and react directly with the oxygen in the molten steel:
The deoxidized product is insoluble in the molten steel and the density is less than that of the molten steel. Finally, the steel ball of the 304 feeding bottle floats up and is eliminated. The precipitation deoxidation method is simple, easy to operate, and the deoxygenation process is rapid. However, if the deoxidation products are not floated up, it will contaminate the molten steel.

2. Diffusion deoxidation Add the deoxidizer to the slag to reduce the content of (Fe0) in the slag. According to the distribution law Lo, the balance is broken. In order to maintain the distribution constant of the 304 feeding bottle stainless steel ball at this temperature, the oxygen in the molten steel will inevitably diffuse into the slag and be continuously reduced by the slag. O] also decreased.
Diffusion deoxidation takes place at the steel slag interface, and the deoxidation products do not contaminate the molten steel. But it spreads completely, and the speed is very slow.

3. From the point of view of CO curve, the position of vacuum deoxidation will change under different Pco pressure. When the carbon content in the steel is constant, the higher the Pco, the higher the oxygen content in the steel; otherwise, the lower the Pco The lower the oxygen content in steel. Therefore, by continuously reducing the partial pressure of [Cl + [O] —— {CO) reaction CO, the oxygen content in the steel will continue to decrease, and this can be achieved by using vacuum.
The deoxidation product of vacuum deoxygenation is gas, which does not pollute the molten steel. It achieves decarburization at the same time as deoxidation. It serves two purposes, which is also an important method for smelting ultra-low carbon steel.

4. Comprehensive deoxidation is the deoxidation method used in combination with precipitation and diffusion. It not only considers the effect of deoxidation but also solves the problem of deoxidation speed, such as the start of reduction in the electric furnace and the deoxidation of the process. This method does not take too long to complete deoxidation, and is a common deoxidation method for electric furnace steelmaking.

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