What Are The Precautions For Handheld Vacuum Cleaners?

Posted October 25, 2022 by xinrongwei

What Should I Pay Attention To When Using A Handheld Vacuum Cleaners?
When choosing a vacuum cleaner, don't worry about performance and brand selection. First, you should understand the classification. Determine the classification and then buy it will get twice the result with half the effort. Today we will talk about the precautions for the use of handheld vacuum cleaners.
1. When using the vacuum cleaner, please be careful not to block the suction port, otherwise it will cause the motor to overload and damage the motor.
2. When using the vacuum cleaner, please be careful to install the dust bag to prevent dust from entering the motor room.
3. Please do not use a vacuum cleaner to suck small particles such as cement, gypsum powder, wall powder, etc., otherwise it will cause the dust bag or filter of the vacuum cleaner to be clogged and the motor to burn out.
4. When cleaning the vacuum cleaner, please use a damp cloth with water or neutral detergent, do not use gasoline, banana water, etc., otherwise it will cause the shell to crack or fade.
5. Please do not use a vacuum cleaner to suck detergent, coal, oil, glass, needles, soot, wet dust, sewage, matches, etc.
6. Please do not place the vacuum cleaner too close to fire sources and other high-temperature places.
7. Do not use the vacuum cleaner to absorb water and other liquids, and do not rinse the vacuum cleaner with water.
8. When you need to clean or repair the vacuum cleaner and when you are not using the vacuum cleaner, please unplug the power plug instead of the power cord.
9. After using the vacuum cleaner, wipe the vacuum cleaner and accessories clean with a damp cloth, and then dry them naturally in the air. The dirt in the dust bag should be removed in time. If it is not used temporarily, the dust bag should be washed with warm water and then dried naturally in the sun. The hair and paper scraps on the brush should also be removed.
10. Check the wear of the brush frequently. If it is found to be severely worn, it should be replaced.
11. Always check the various fixed parts of the vacuum cleaner. If there is any looseness, fasten it at any time.
12. The brushes on the vacuum cleaner motor are also easy to wear, so pay attention to sending them for repair and replacement
13. Always check the suction head and exhaust port to prevent clogging.
14. Protect the hose of the vacuum cleaner and don't press it too hard.
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