Is 'Portable-DVD-Players'-Battery-Burnout' Burning Bridges Between Customers and Resellers?

Posted July 8, 2021 by wholesalebatteries

Be it from a cell phone or a laptop, the battery and the charger are often the first things to become faulty and cause a great deal of 'heat' between customers and the people who sell them the products online.
Shops often have headaches with faulty batteries.

Be it from a cellular or a laptop, the battery and the charger are often the earliest things to become faulty and cause a great deal of 'heat' amongst customers and the people who sell them the products online.

And already portable DVD players are adding fuel to the hearth.

Companies including Toshiba, Polaroid, Thomson, Disney, Welkin, Mintek Digital and Coby are only a few of the big brand name providers that have been hit with battery and adapter problems nowadays. With batteries overheating and exploding or faulty power supplies causing electrical fires there's no surprise that customers are obtaining hot under the collar.

Collectively more than 300, 000 easily transportable DVD players, or DVD player components, have been kept in mind tarring the image of big name players.

And what's more painful for eBay resellers selling China wholesale electronics is always that the potential backlash for them is bigger.

EBay resellers featuring Chinese brand electronics online already have to fight shopper skepticism of buying online, and buying something from a brand signify they know.

And even though big name brands and Chinese name makes are usually manufactured in the same country the name helps 'ease the main customers' mind, even though they are paying two to three times the exact quantity for a gadget that is the same, or sometimes inferior to the 'no-name' product.

So if a batch of products you are advertising does turn out to be faulty it can be incredibly damaging to your keep because customers are usually pretty quick to go online and submit negative comments and ratings about your store.

But the info is not all bad, and if handled correctly you can actually flip a disaster into a customer relations victory.

The secret is just to generally be proactive.

If you know that some of your products are faulty you ought to immediately:

- Talk to your customers about the problem

- Deliver product recall and replacement

- Post details of the defect on your store and other public locations

- Deliver information on brands with similar problems

But that doesn't mean that you must just wait around and cope with the problem when it happens, in truth with a little sourcing work you could completely negate the case.

If you are reseller it is impossible to find the time to check just about every Portable DVD manufacturer or check the quality of the power of every single unit that you sell but you can still carry precautions.

One precaution you should definitely take is to ensure that the actual drop-shipper that you are using carries out their own testing and is short for behind their products with delivery and manufacturers guarantees.

Consequently even if there is a problem they will carry the costs so you will not likely have to foot the bill.

Another method is to teach your customers the precise ways to maintain and charge your batteries. That way these are going to prevent fires with their portable DVD players.

Don't simply just deal with a faulty battery situation when it happens wanted your emergency plans now and take steps to prevent them happening by informing your customers and being a little bit even more careful with your sourcing.

By doing that you won't only be protecting your individual bottom line you will be increasing your stock with customers and pushing the number of customers you get in the long run.
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