I'd rather see skills such dungeoneering require

Posted November 16, 2021 by weiyismart

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Also to make more clear again, I'm saying that runescape does not have a great endgame apart from personal achievement When you achieve the accomplishment, you lose the game tbh.

Some good points were raised, especially in regards to the elimination of large portions of the game and the ineffective setting of huge objectives for content. But, I disagree with your quest point. Although it might have been true once, it's no longer the case that people older than 70 is able to finish all the quests. Quests are my motivation to improve my capabilities. This is significant since I've seen a large improvement in the abilities I require to build them. The quest cape requires 76 defense, constitution and mining crafting and woodcutting, the ability to attack and strength, as well as 80 magical. The smithing skill is 74. Firemaking and thieving.

These are not boostable and take two times longer at the top of the scale than the requirements for 70 or less. These are all sequels to quests that I was able to complete with relative ease, at minimum 70ish statistics. Runescape seems to push players to more grinds in certain areas that I find to be absurd.

I'd rather see skills such dungeoneering require the use of skill (and perhaps a team which I believe is a powerful and interesting concept) and then see those principles used in other areas. Agility could be much more fun and enjoyable when it was based on skill and something you could get fast rate of xp.

This update would not necessarily increase the enjoyable, but it will cut down on the amount of time required to complete. As you've stated, the game is easy enough: it's just the time it takes. Make it more difficult but faster and you'll have a much better game.

Jagex has EoC due out in order to (hopefully!) fix my dislike for the grind. EoC is perfect for me personally. I only want EoC to be able to degrade swifts and goliaths. I'm GF to everyone who has a cmaul.

How do you fix this problem? The best way to increase the amount of XP is to have more advanced content. But, it must be grouped to ensure that you don't get smashed to pieces. I think it's a bit like Dungeoneering. The high-level content could either a) give you food/pots within or b) provide you with enough cash so you can purchase food or pots. They must make sure that the food is not bottable.

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