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Valvesonly is the topmost Super Duplex Globe Valve Manufacturer in USA .
Valvesonly is the topmost Super Duplex Globe Valve Manufacturer in USA . A Super Duplex globe valve serves as a specialized valve type employed for controlling fluid flow within industrial piping systems. This valve variant is constructed from super duplex stainless steel, renowned for its exceptional resistance to corrosion and various types of wear and tear. The valve comprises numerous essential components, including the body, cover, disk, stem, sealing ring, packing assembly, wheel-shaped control element, and automated controlling mechanism.

The valve's body functions as the external shell, while the cover (bonnet) encloses the stem and packing assembly. The disk, a movable part, governs fluid flow through the valve, and the stem connects it to the control wheel or automated actuator. The sealing ring is a ring-shaped component responsible for ensuring a tight seal, preventing leaks, and the packing assembly, also known as the gland, creates a seal around the stem as it passes through the bonnet. The control wheel, resembling a wheel in shape, is employed for manual opening, and closing of the valve, whereas the actuator is an automated device designed for remote valve control.

Valvesony is a leading Super Duplex globe valve manufacturer in USA. This valve is an extremely specialized and robust valve type crucial for managing fluid flow within intricate industrial piping systems. Its exceptional resistance to corrosion and other forms of wear and tear makes it an optimal selection for deployment in demanding industrial environments.

• Body
• Bonnet
• Disc
• Stem
• Seat
• Gland
• Handwheel
• Actuator

Industries it is used in-
1. Shipbuilding
2. Chemical Industry
3. Seawater Desalination
4. Oil and Gas Sector
5. Petrochemical Industry

1. Petrochemical plants utilize super duplex globe valves for handling and controlling various petroleum-based products, chemicals, and gases.
2. The oil and gas industry employ super duplex globe valves in drilling operations, pipeline systems, and refineries. These valves can withstand the harsh and corrosive environments commonly found in this sector.
3. The desalination process involves the treatment of seawater to produce freshwater. Super duplex globe valves are crucial in this industry for controlling the flow of seawater and various chemicals used in the desalination process.
4. Chemical processing plants often rely on super duplex globe valves to control the flow of corrosive and hazardous chemicals, thanks to their resistance to corrosion.
5. Super duplex globe valves are essential components in the construction of various marine vessels and offshore platforms, where they help regulate the flow of fluids in different systems.

1. Body Material: Super Duplex Steel (F55, 5A).
2. Size: 1″ – 24″.
3. Class: 150 to 2500 PN25 – PN450.
4. Operations: Handwheel operated, Pneumatic actuated, Electric actuated, Gear operated.
5. Ends: Flanged super duplex globe valve, Buttweld super duplex globe valve, Socket weld super duplex globe valve, Threaded Super Duplex Globe Valve.

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