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Universal engraver reviews thousands of fonts and suggests that it is always better that some amount of time is spent on researching the fonts.
Fonts are the most time consuming task of doing laser work. With perhaps thousands of fonts to choose from, it is next to impossible to pick one font which is a perfect fit, that suits you and also to all your customers. Universal engraver reviews thousands of fonts and suggests that it is always better that some amount of time is spent on researching the fonts. Apart from researching, one must also laser it on wood and paper umpteen times as reference work for yourselves and for your clients.

There are few important things that should be considered before selecting a font for laser engraving. The first and foremost thing is the size of the font. If the size is too small then it would be challenging to read when engraved on a dark surface. The next thing that should be kept in mind while selecting a font is the design of the font - few fonts are rather difficult to carve. Therefore, choose fonts with less complicated design. And the third thing to consider is the thickness of the lines in the font because these lines could be challenging to engrave and might not be visible post it is engraved.

Universal engraver reviews some of the best fonts that be used easily for engraving using laser:
Top Fonts for Engraving on Wood

Bluebird engraver: a hand-carved and drawn artisan font, it is majorly used for hand-made designs and letterings. The font adds a personal touch to the design and generates a personalized and authentic look and feel to the product. The font can be used to personalize items such as nameplates, house signs, keychains etc.

Cinderella Script_Elegant Calligraphic Typeface: This is an opulent and elegant font that consists of delicate strokes and handwriting that flows. The cursive characters of the font can be combined to create writing without ligatures. This font is best suited for printing or engraving on wooden mugs and trays.

Farm House_Vintage Label Font: An all capital monoline serif font, that consists of bold strokes in vibrant colors. The font has ten styles which is divided into 6 textures, 2 shadow fonts and 2 regular fonts. An absolutely perfect fit for engraving vintage logos.

Wilder_Handwritten condensed sans serif: This font is used for more accessible designs. Inspired by an old wooden sign, the font comprises rough strokes and texture resembling a marker. The font can be used to personalize wooden items and can be used to render a playful look.
Top Fonts for Metal Engraving

The Champtone Fonts Collection: A perfect combination of copperplate signs and vintage feel, the font includes a serif font and script font. The serif font can be meticulously used to engrave on copper, brass, stainless steel, aluminum. And the script font can be used to engrave on gold surfaces. The font can be used to create signs and plaques with vintage feel.

Gram: A gothic inspired, bold monoline font with pointed stems and sharp serifs. The font is an absolute favorite to be used for engraving on metal, as it blends perfectly on metal surfaces. Each character in the font is highly dramatic and stylized.

Honduras: A multi-layered font which was categorically created for engraving purposes. The font has one main font and six font layers which can be cataloged as one outline font, three engraved fonts and two shadow fonts. The font is popular and is majorly used for engraving on watches and pendants and is a combination of uppercase letters and serif small-caps.
Top Fonts for Leather Engraving

Adorn Engraved: An elegant engraving font perfect for engraving on leather surfaces. It gives a modern angle to the more formal invitations. By using ink-textured strokes or lines, this particular font can add an extra dimension to the leather engravings.

Eversthedin: Display Typeface: Inspired by greek mythology and typography, the font is majorly used to create classic lettering designs on leather items such as luggage covers, wallets, notebook covers etc. The font gives the freedom to curate the design with ornaments and ligatures for a mythical feel.

Engraving is an art, and we have seen engravings evolve from stone age till now. It has been around for thousands of centuries. The right and best font for engraving can easily alleviate the value of the item and can make it become a novelty. For more information go and check Universal Engraver Reviews.
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