Significance Of Smart AI Technologies In Industries World Wide

Posted February 16, 2021 by ubitrackuk

Apart from industrial products, Ubitrack is also the leader of smart products like the step-counter wristband, which humans can use in routine activities. 
GPS Indoor positioning system is quite a complicated term as a large number of people consider both GPS and IPS the same system. There is no doubt that GPS or the Global Positioning System is the best solution to track locations outdoor, but it fails to provide the same accuracy indoors. In such cases, IPS or Indoor Positioning System is the best solution that a lot of industries are using to track diverse products indoors. 

One of the major advantages of the indoor positioning system is one can use multiple assets or different types of networks in an indoor positioning system. Also, the Global Positioning System and Indoor Positioning System's prime goal and working methodologies are quite similar, and the application is the only barrier that differentiates both the technologies. 

Wi-Fi positioning badge is one of the best assets of the Indoor Positioning System, which uses a tag for the RTLS or the real-time location system. The industries either use Wi-Fi to help people in reaching their desired location within a large indoor space, or they can use it for products that users can track in large malls and supermarkets. 

Moreover, the Wi-Fi positioning system's accuracy is great between 5-15 meters as the access points are quite close to the position of the signal. In most cases, the Wi-Fi positioning badge is used me tracking data and communication industries. The precision or the accuracy of the Wi-Fi positioning system is affected when there is a wall or ceiling between the transmission signals. 

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