How Jet Blue Airlines effected due to Corona virus

Posted May 6, 2020 by travohelp

The new year of 2020 started on the bad note of the Covid Epidemic that has already taken the lives of more than 200000 people
Los Angeles - Because of the local transmission of the disease, Jet Blue Airlines has decided to make a few changes in the flights of the airline. For all the passengers traveling by Jet blue flights have to follow certain Jet blue Reservations guidelines.

Instructions to cover the face while boarding flight

Sensing the current situation related to the COVID 19 Transmission, it been instructed to all the passengers as well as the crew members to cover the face while boarding the flight or anywhere on the airport. For all the flight scheduled to take off from May 4 will allow only those passengers to check-in, who will be having a face mask. Not just the passengers but to protect the crew members of the flight, even they are being strict to cover their faces on duty. This has been done solely to minimize the risk of more infections.

Instructions to keep in mind while being on the airport

1. If you are at the airport or on the flight, make sure that your face is covered from the nose to the lower part
of the face.
2. Moreover, try to make social distancing while standing in the check-in line or anywhere else.
3. Though it's suggested to carry N95 masks which has multiple layers if you cover your face with a cloth then
make sure to cover the entire portion of your lower face.

Maintaining social distance in a crowded place
1. To ensure proper social distancing, airlines have limited the number of passengers and staff working on and
off flights.
2. To ensure maximum distance between people, the airline is assigning seats to passengers in such a way that
flights are taking off with nearly half the passengers.

Safety measures while traveling onboard
1. To ensure maximum safety of the crew members and pilots, they are being given the hospital's highly
efficient safety kits. These kits have maximum filters with which the air gets filtered and only fresh air enters
the cabin.
2. Since Jet blue is based in the USA and after China, the country to suffer the maximum loss is the USA only.
Hence to minimize the threat, all the flights are regularly cleaned and sanitized after and before the flight.
3. The housekeeping staff ensures to clean all the corners possible where passengers or cabin crew might have
touched with their hands or sneezed and coughed.
4. Moreover, to ensure a safe and secure flight without any harm, passengers are not served food and
beverages until further notice.

Travel notices related to the cancellation of tickets
1. Till the transmission of the virus does not settle down, a lot of countries have banned international flights.
Hence Jet blue is also operating very flights to ensure maximum precautions.
2. Since more than half of the flights are canceled, a lot of people are worried about their already confirmed
3. In this time JetBlue Airlines have ensured that all the booked tickets will be automatically canceled.
4. Moreover, once the flights get canceled their refunds will be credited back in the accounts of the passengers
with which they paid for the flights.
5. However, if you have not received the refund yet, you can go on the official website of the airline and check
your flight cancellation status.
6. JetBlue Airlines has also decided not to charge any cancellation charges on all types of reservations being
canceled. And for the further convenience of the passengers, they have also allowed re-booking of the next
flights with the same credit voucher.

Re booking of the flights

As of now, there are no guidelines from the local authority to start the re-booking of the flights but once the ban is lifted, passengers can visit the site and re-book their flights.

And that's all for all types of updated travel changes made in Jet blue Airlines. For any kind of query related to the travel guide and or flight cancellation/ refund, passengers can call upon the customer care helpline. We are working with limited staff hence the passengers are requested to have patience and call only if you have any urgent flight or did not receive any refund or cancellation confirmation. The team will try to reach out to every passenger and fix his or her doubts.

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