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Posted February 16, 2018 by TimberlakeOma

After failing her mysterious handlers, an assassin is on the run when a familiar face is sent to tie up her loose ends.
Girl on girl is an indie movie which tries to explore on the topic of love and sense of duty. The film starts with a young woman wearing a distinctive pair of glasses entering an elevator which goes up. The moment when the mysterious girl pushes the button is highlighted as if it tries to convey the said girl’s desire to advance in spite of some obstacles like morality, human empathy and others. Then the movie shifts into a room where a girl with red hair is caught contemplating the silence. Then suddenly another woman enters the room and starts a fight with the girl with red hair. The fight quickly develops into a brutal confrontation where besides knuckles the girls come to use knives and pistols. The third girl manage to injure the girl with red hair by cutting her palm. The fight continues. Now the girls are confronting each other using swift hits with their knuckles.

The scene is dominated by a strong sentiment of hatred. The girl who started the fight initially is understood to have come to punish the girl with red hair for her betrayal. It is not yet clear who exactly was subject to betrayal as the girls who started the fight simply said “you betrayed us” without giving any more details. The scene is approaching its climax when the girl with red hair gets out a pistol and threatens to kill the girl who started a fight. The short film tries to paint in vivid colours the gravity of the moment by showing flashbacks of the girl with red hair when she was in a similar situation. The flashbacks are of her being at a gunpoint and when suddenly the person threatening her removes the pistol from her face and spares her life. Then the redhead is heard to mown that she cannot do it.

This moment of mental strength though is perceived as a weakness by her opponent, who seizes the moment to pin her to the wall and proceeds to strangle her using the sole of her boot pressed against the redhead’s neck. The moment is tense and continues for several seconds when the eyes of the protagonists lock and they both come to realize how unworthy their fight was. The sense of duty which was driving the attacker to continuously strike the victim suddenly disappears giving place to an outstanding sentiment of belonging which both the protagonists display by hugging each other. The fight scene ends with a moment of tenderness.

The moment of happiness is short lived though, when the girl we see in the beginning of the short film makes her appearance and shoots the redhead. Then she proceeds to shoot the other girl who is crying and holding the redhead in her arms.
-- END ---
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