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Posted January 21, 2015 by tedmark

There are millions of blogs online, and many of them are on free domains. However, just because we can start online free blogs on domains that aren’t ours
There are millions of blogs online, and many of them are on free domains. However, just because we can start online free blogs on domains that aren’t ours, that doesn’t mean it’s the way to go if we want to really leave a mark. Indeed, blogging is free and, to a certain amount, it is an easy thing to do. However, if we want to get serious about it and turn it into something profitable, then we’ll need to start considering getting a domain name and a hosting provider.

There are many platforms and websites that allow us to create our own blogs for free. However, since we don’t have to pay anything, we don’t get that many options to customize our blogs either. But if we’re starting small, then that’s the least of our problems. First off, when starting blogs online, we need to generate content. Of course, we’re not talking about just any kind of content. Copy-paste is never an option, as there are very few things on the internet that we’ll want to have on our website, especially without the owner’s permission. However, it really depends on the type of online free blogs we’re interested in creating. Things like cheats for games can be shown on blogs, as they allegedly have no owner. However, things like game walkthroughs are not something we’ll be able to reproduce without consent.

If we are indeed interested in creating blogs online about games and things related to them, for example, then we need to figure out what our angle will be. We can’t just reproduce things from the web, and we can’t really write meaningful articles about games without some real experience in writing and in playing games. We can’t just play five minutes into a game and write about it as if we know what we’re talking about. However, if we want to talk about our personal experience of certain games, then that’s no problem. In such a case, we shouldn’t forget to emphasize the fact that we’re talking about games from our perspective alone. Online free blogs are a great resource for creating content about our personal experience that we want to share with our friends and anyone who’s remotely interested. However, if we want to create something that generates traffic and revenue, we’ll need to do more than that.

The only way in which we can turn blogging into a source of income is by working on generating valuable content. We can’t just throw in words and expect people to buy them. We need to take into account that online blogs aren’t all about writing. We need to generate more interesting content. Info-graphics, slideshows, pictures, audio files, videos, tutorials and even movies are a great way to get people more focused and interested in what we do. However, we’ll need plenty of tools in order to generate and manage such content. Some of these tools won’t be free, and if we’re going to take a step forward and start blogging professionally, we might as well consider getting private web hosting and renting a domain name. While online free blogs are a good option at the beginning, if we’re serious about this, we need to consider paid for options.

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