Female Intimacy And Sexuality

Posted December 3, 2021 by taragaleano

The concept of intimacy and sexuality is vague to many and is often disregarded because it is not seen as essential.
Understanding female intimacy and sexuality helps women understand their inner landscape and desires better. This is critical to women’s


The concept of intimacy and sexuality is vague to many and is often disregarded because it is not seen as essential. Let me explain why it is important to know what female intimacy and sexuality is and how understanding them better is vital to your well-being as a woman.

What is intimacy?

Intimacy is being physically close. Although this is true, it is not exclusively limited to this definition, but may also include emotional closeness. Intimacy is also not just closeness that occurs during sexual intercourse. There are many ways one may experience intimacy.

One may be intimate with or experience intimacy with different people; it is not just between lovers, spouses, or significant others. You can be intimate with your kids, family members, friends, or anyone with whom you are vulnerable. This is a salient characteristic of being intimate, vulnerability.

Intimacy is being vulnerable with those with whom you are comfortable, possibly sharing your thoughts, beliefs, and desires. There are different levels of intimacy that we share with others. When you are intimate with someone, notice what that feels like for you as you share your life experiences with them. Again notice how you feel in your body.

What is female intimacy?

Female intimacy thus relates to a person who identifies as female being vulnerable with others. When it comes to female intimacy, safety plays an important role. Women need to feel safe and secure before becoming intimate with another.

What is sexuality?

Another term in question here is sexuality. Sexuality is the ability to feel or experience sexual feelings, sexual behaviors, or the ability to feel attracted.

Again, sexuality is not just feeling sexual with the opposite gender. The concept of sexuality is broader than feelings of sexual attraction. Sexuality encompasses all those feelings of desire, attraction, and being turned on. When you can explore your sexuality, you get to know more about what your body enjoys.

Not everybody is able to explore and relate to their body well. Changing hormones, body image, relationships all impact a woman’s ability to feel sexual. When a woman wants more than her current capacity allows her to feel, this is when intimacy and sexuality coaching for women comes into play.

Sexual empowerment coaching enhances your desires to live more fully into more joy, more pleasure, and deeper connections with yourself and others. This type of coaching takes a woman through the process of knowing her body and through understanding her own felt sensations, so that she is more in tune with herself. This is radical self love for women.

Why it is important?

Sexuality and female intimacy are important. To know your body better allows you to listen, know, and love your body more completely. This is true women’s empowerment. To find out more, check out RediscoveringMyBody.com

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