Electric Vehicle Manufacturers Describes How To Maintain Batteries

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Electric Vehicle Manufacturers introduces how to properly maintain batteries:
Electric Vehicle Manufacturers introduces how to properly maintain batteries:

1. Prevent excessive discharge
When the battery discharge termination voltage, the internal resistance is large and the electrolyte concentration is very thin, especially in the plate hole and surface, the internal resistance has a tendency to heat up during discharge, and the volume expands during discharge. When the current is large, it heats up obviously, and the lead sulfate concentration is especially high at this time The crystal branches cause a short circuit and the performance increases. Moreover, the lead sulfate will crystallize into larger particles at this time, that is, inverse sulfation, which further increases the internal resistance, the charge recovery ability is poor, or even cannot be repaired. The battery should be used to prevent excessive discharge. Effective measures for under-voltage protection. In addition, because the under-voltage protection of electric vehicles is controlled by the controller, some equipment outside the controller, voltmeters, indicator lights, etc., power-consuming appliances are directly powered by the battery, and their power supply is generally controlled by the controller. Switch), although the current is small when it is closed, it will be over-discharged if it is discharged for a long time (1~2 weeks), so it should be turned off immediately when it is necessary to open the lock for a long time.

2. Prevent overcharging
The parameters of the charger should be well-matched with the battery. It is necessary to fully understand the operating conditions of the battery in high-temperature seasons and the changes during the entire service life. The battery should be placed in an overheated environment during use. Especially when charging, it should be kept away from heat sources. Charge the battery when the battery temperature returns to normal. The battery installation position should ensure good heat dissipation. Stop charging when it is overheated. Check the charger and battery. Shorten the charge when the battery discharge depth is shallow or the ambient temperature is high. time.

3. Prevent short circuit
When the battery is short-circuited, its short-circuit current reaches hundreds of amperes. The stronger the contact, the greater the short-circuit will cause the current, so all the connections will generate a lot of heat, and the weaker links will generate more heat, which will cause the connection to fuse and cause a short circuit. The battery can locally produce explosive gas (or store explosive gas during charging), and sparks will occur when the connection is fused, which will cause the battery to explode; if the battery is short-circuited, the time is short or the current is particularly large, it can cause the connection to fuse, so When the battery will definitely cause a short circuit, you need to stop it in advance.

4. Prevent the connection from loosening and sticking
If the degree of contact is light, conduction will occur, causing the line contact parts to heat up, line loss, and large output voltage, which affects the motor power, reduces the mileage, or can ride normally; if the terminal parts are in tight contact, The terminal will generate a lot of heat, which will affect the bonding between the terminal and the sealant. The phenomenon of liquid leakage and acid creep will occur for a long time. If the phenomenon of contact sticking occurs during driving or charging, strong sparks will be generated. Therefore, it is necessary to check these dangers carefully during daily use.

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