Electric Bike Factory Introduces What Is A Multifunctional Electric Bicycle

Posted January 20, 2021 by taizhousuqier

Electric Bike Factory introduces how to choose a suitable functional electric bicycle:
Electric Bike Factory introduces how to choose a suitable functional electric bicycle:

1. Standard type: The motor power of this type of electric vehicle is generally 150W, which is characterized by a simple and smooth shape, a continuous mileage of about 40 kilometers, easy operation, and a moderate price. The price is between 2000 yuan and 2500 yuan, which is more suitable for commuting distance It is not too long, and it is used by users who have certain mobility in work and life.

2. Multifunctional type: This type of electric bicycle generally adds front fork shock absorbers, saddle shock absorbers, headlamps, electric horns, etc. to the standard type. It is characterized by more functions and more comfortable riding. It is also more convenient to use at night. The price is generally around 2500 yuan to 3000 yuan, and it can travel about 50 kilometers.

3. Luxury type: This type of electric vehicle is characterized by a more novel and luxurious shape and more complete functions. An instrument panel is usually added to the handlebar to display speed, mileage, voltage, power, etc., and some are also equipped with turn signals and language Tips, rearview mirror, toolbox, safety net, etc. The price is usually around 3500 yuan to 4500 yuan, and the distance of luxury electric vehicles can be about 60 kilometers.
Through the above introduction, Fast Sport Electric Motorbike Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.
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