Some Amazing Facts to Know About Off-Grid Power Systems

Posted December 2, 2019 by solarplants

This study has demonstrated components, benefits and other specifications associated with an off-power grid power source. It will act as a guide for those who have chosen this renewable power.
As we all are aware of the grim situation concerning the environment so don’t ever think of saving your planet? We often heard about the discussion on maintaining the sustainability of the environment, reducing pollution but nothing seems to change the situation. It’s high time that each one of us should take a step and this can begin right from our home. A lot of power is wasted when we forget to switch off lights or geezers. An effective way to reduce energy consumption is by shifting from non-renewable to a renewable energy source.
Recently, there has been a remarkable increase in the usage of off grid power systems. Now, what is this off-grid power? It’s derived from solar energy and it allows a homeowner to take charge of the power supply of their home. There are two types of systems, one is grid-tied and the other is off-grid. The latter generates power via battery which remains connected to the solar panels.

Those who are still not confident enough to install off-grid power should know about the multiplicity of benefits it has to offer. The first and foremost advantage is reducing your hefty electricity bills. Users can independently operate power which means no need to depend on the power suppliers.

Householders shifting to the renewable source can utilise this power source in water pumping systems, telecommunications and it is even used in traffic warning lights. Well, unlike non-renewable power generation systems, off-grid power needs to be used judiciously. This is the reason why before installing off-grid homeowners require estimating the amount of electricity they use daily. There are certain limitations regarding power consumption and users have to bring changes in their power usage habits.

For the successful utilisation of off grid power systems, some components are necessary which include connected load, charge controller, solar panels, cables, and battery bank. With an off-grid system, householders will get relief from the issues of power outrage as this renewable source is designed to stay intact during disasters.

Therefore, it’s clear that the shift from a non-renewable power source to renewable is both good for the environment as well as a cost-effective choice for a householder.

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