WeeTect Begins To Sell Flame Retardant PC Sheet For Electrical Panel LED Lamps

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WeeTect has started selling flame retardant PC sheets for LED lamps used in electrical panels.
Shanghai, China - WeeTect has started selling flame retardant PC sheets for LED lamps used in electrical panels. This product will only be available for resellers and distributors who can order for it directly from the main factory in China.

LED lamps are commonly used as indicators in electrical panels. This is because they are cost effective, reliable and durable. This also comes at a time when WeeTect has launched a number of products in the market such as anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings for LED systems.

WeeTect’s flame retardant PC sheet is an innovative solution to the overheating electrical panels. The polycarbonate is formulated to protect LED lights. This will make LED indicators in electric panels to maintain targeted illumination and ambient lighting criteria. Through innovative solutions, WeeTect aims to solve this problem that has been a subject of discussion for a very long time.

How electrical heat affect LED light lifespan

A research conducted by the WeeTect R&D team established a number of facts concerning LED light performance. It was based on this research that the company opted to manufacture the flame retardant PC sheet for LED lamps used in the electric panel. The following factors affect the lifespan of LED lamps in high power transmission electrical panels:

Cool environment vs. LED light output

A cool environment implies that, LED will produce a high intensity light. That is, when the temperature within the electrical panels increases, the light output from the LED lamps will reduce significantly. Thus, it will be difficult to see the LED indicators. This variation will also depend on the types of LED. This could be InGaN or AlGaInP Light Emitting Diode lamps.

Compensation circuits vs. LED performance

A number of electrical panels are fitted with compensation circuits. These circuits adjust the current flowing through LED lamps in electrical panels as temperature varies. This ensures constant light output, however, it may shorten the lifespan of LED lamps.

Importance of flame retardant PC sheet for LED lamps in electrical panels

WeeTect’s flame retardant PC sheet is what other manufacturers refer to as high heat polycarbonate. This is because it is resistant to heat dissipated by electric bars and wires. It is a technology that aims to protect LED lamps in electrical panels from excess heat.

This flame retardant polycarbonate sheet has the following advantages:

- High temperature resistance due to its linear and amorphous structure. That is, between -30ºC to about +200ºC. Normally, heat dissipation will rarely go beyond this range.
- Superior optical properties, thus, LED light indicator will be visible.
- High impact resistance and toughness thus, LED components cannot be damaged.
- Good dimensional stability.
- Excellent design flexibility that allows for customization of LED lamps on electrical panels.
- Superior flame retardant properties that meet the UL 94’s V-0 rating at 1.5 mm thickness.

This is the first flame retardant PC sheet manufactured specifically for LED lamps in electrical panels. The research team at WeeTect is still conducting more research in this area to get better products that guarantee high performance and stability in any working environment. The company is scheduled to launch more products before the end of the year.

WeeTect will also assist resellers and products distributors of flame retardant PC sheet for electrical panel LED lamps on any logistics that will be involved when importing from China. They will not go through the logistics involved while importing products from China.

About WeeTect Material Limited

WeeTect Material Limited’s mother company WS plastic lens has been in this industry since 1993. By 1998, they had delivered their first 1 million visors and invested $3 million for a military face shield. In 2005, WeeTect supplied the Chinese government with pilot visors and has invested in anti-fog, anti-scratch and flame retardant PC sheets and coatings. It is a premier supplier of these products in China.

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