Clinical Data Management in clinical research

Posted October 7, 2020 by shruti

Clinical Research has becoming a booming field of study and employment, due to the varied needs of the people in the field of medicine and clinical data management systems are slowly but surely becoming the center of this academic area.
As one of the demands of clinical research and clinical trials is to be accustomed and familiar with the idea of clinical data management and having mastery of data will make you a valuable asset in your place of employment, especially if it comes under pharmaceutical companies and medical research. As the world shifts to a more computerized, data dependent way of study as well as work we begin wondering about what exactly comes under the term clinical data management, and what a Clinical data management system consists of?

Clinical Data Management

As clinical research requires a large amount of clinical human trials, they end up with large amounts of data and clinical data managers are the ones who process, collect and manage the data they receive based off of the trials. It is a vital role in clinical research as without proper management of data there could be grave mistakes made due to lack of proper data processing. As the medical and pharmaceutical industry needs to meet higher demands of production every day, data management has become an integral part of clinical research, and is also becoming a compulsory need as regulating authorities expect high quality products for the medical field. There are different kinds of clinical data management, such as electronic health records, admin data, patient and disease history, surveys relating to health and clinical trials data. Clinical trials data requires a great deal of management as they are drugs and medication that will be administered to the general public and we’ll as hospitals for future use. This is a high-priority stage in clinical research and induces the creation of data that is highly qualified, statistically proved and tested.
Now that we’ve understood what clinical data management is, we can move on to getting familiar with its most important tool which is a clinical data management system.

Clinical Data Management Systems

This is an application used to attain process and manage data in the trials during clinical research. These systems exist as a method of assuring that data collection takes place with minimal or zero errors that may occur during the trials. For this to be done, clinical data managers use a number of different methods of validating the data they have collected. They can do this through the use of various clinical trial management systems, which consist of software that has been developed and put into practice by biotechnological and pharmaceutical companies.
This system sustains the data that has been collected and is intended and takes control of organizing, operating and reporting the analysis they induce from data collection. This also includes the information provided by members of the human trials, fulfilling tasks in due time and achieving goals they have set for the creation of medicine based on the data management. There are different kinds of systems, two of which are the most prominent and regularly used they are the paper based systems and the electronic data based systems, the paper systems consist of data collection that is done by hand, not mechanically and is later converted and conveyed into the clinical data management system. Conversely in the electronic method of collection the data is put immediately into the system rather than having a record that is physically kept by the organization.

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