Reasons To Wear Organic Clothing

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Summary: Have you ever spent some of your time wondering what makes the difference wearing eco-friendly organic cotton t-shirt from any normal cotton t-shirt?
Eco-friendly fabrics are becoming more available every year as a result of their growing popularity. They are still associated with higher prices.

Organic, recycled, and sustainable fabrics are perfect for the environment and require significantly less water to process.

Production of organic cotton
For a very long time, the environment has been ignored for the sake of technology. Pollution became worse and worse. Using harmful chemicals on a daily basis has become normal part of life, especially for certain industries like the ones producing clothes.

Large clothing manufacturers that own a big area of cotton plantations very often use chemicals like synthetic-based fertilizers and pesticides just to make sure that their cotton production would be at a high level. Large volume of these harmful chemicals is needed to keep production of cotton going on.

What most of us don't know is that fertilizers and pesticides are damaging environment as well as human health. They are also responsible for destroying natural nutrients found in farmlands.

Horrifying thing is the discovery that cotton workers who are exposed to chemical based fertilizers become prone to illnesses such as cancer. Other bad thing is that birds who are in cotton fields get sick or die from exposure to chemicals. Organic cotton t-shirts always protect human and animal welfare, their production is safety for the environment, and we should support only those t-shirts.

While regular cotton t-shirts are made in these very harmful ways, Eco friendly T shirts are made differently. They are made using only cotton that was grown in an eco-friendly way, using only organic pesticides and fertilizers which are usually mixtures of water and various plants that have natural insect-repelling properties.

One significantly good thing about Womens Urban Clothing is that they are not usually made in so-called sweatshops. It means that labour practices were fair and the employees were given good working conditions and are well paid for work they do.

Organic cotton t-shirts
Wearing a 100% organic cotton t shirt will protect your skin from harmful dyes.

You can be sure that your skin does not come in direct contact with harmful chemicals that are used to clean, process and dye non-organic cotton.

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