Photo Management Software Providers In 2020- Latest Quadrant Ranking by 360Quadrants

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A photo management software typically offers more than just a systematized storage space for all the image files.
360Quadrants, the most granular solution comparison platform, has released a study on the top companies in the photo management software market to help businesses make faster and more educated decisions when choosing ideal photo management software providers. Google Photos, ACD See Photo Management Software, Photos, Flickr, and Adobe Bridge are estimated to dominate the global photo management software market in 2020.

A photo management software typically offers more than just a systematized storage space for all the image files. Some photo management tools also enable users to add metadata about things like the camera model with which the photo was shot, the dimensions, aperture value, etc. The software provides users with a couple of typical editing tools, such as color filters and cropping. The photo management software market is anticipated to be led by innovations, with several accomplishments and strategic contracts implemented as the main strategies by the software providers in order to upsurge their industry presence.

360Quadrantscarries out a thorough SWOT analysis and precisely examines the businesses considered for evaluation. This helps the businesses learn about new chances and parts where they lag behind their peers. It also helps the clients choose the most suitable solution and service providers for their requirements.

Photo Management Software Providers 360Quadrants Categorization

Top 7 companies offering photo management software were examined, rated, and positioned on a ‘Company Evaluation Quadrant’ that categorized them as Visionary Leaders, Innovators, Dynamic Differentiators, and Emerging Companies.

Visionary Leaders: Visionary leaders usually focus on new product launches, innovative technologies, and executing growth strategies. These players have wide-ranging product portfolios, which also help them acquire leading market positions, better financial capabilities, and well-established brand equities.

Innovators: Innovators focus on product innovations and invest greatly in R&D to make their product portfolio slider and deeper. They continually add new features to their products and services and have the potential to enlarge their footprint across industries and regions to become leaders.

Dynamic Differentiators: Numerous companies in the photo management software market are mainly reliant on their competitive R&D activities. Most of the dynamic differentiators are the companies that have a strong local presence. These businesses have fewer product offerings than the visionary leaders but have a loyal customer base for their products.

Emerging Companies: These are typically regional or niche players that have the potential to scale up with the right strategic choices.

Top photo management software vendors evaluated and profiled in the 360Quadrants report are:

Google Photos
ACDSee Photo Management Software
Adobe Bridge
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic

360Quadrants Company Evaluation Methodology

360Quadrants prepared and evaluated some of the top photo management software vendors. The assessment was based on important parameters that were picked up from the product portfolios, business strategies, and inputs received from buyers and industry experts. All of these data pointers were given a specific weightage as per their relevance and importance. The inputs were then assessed, which helped analysts in arriving at the final rating for all the companies considered for the assessment. Lastly, each software provider was positioned on a qualified position on the 360Quadrant, based on the scores received.

Some of the major parameters considered for this evaluation:

Photo Organizer - It is imperative that the users reorganize the photo process and keep a dynamic workflow. A good photo management software allows users to pick their best photos, by displaying, choosing, and consolidating their photos according to the date, location, categories, and any other filter as per the users’ preference.

Image Optimization - An image optimizer helps users in making image files smaller in size. Normally, an image optimizer reduces the size of an image by compressing it without reducing the quality of the image too much.

Image Correction–Image correction capability allows users to make essential alterations to any image effortlessly. An ideal photo management software provides a number of features, including exposure compensation and color alteration, among others.

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About 360Quadrants

360Quadrants is the largest marketplace looking to disrupt USD 3.7 trillion of technology spend and is the only rating platform for solution providers in the technology space. The platform provides users access to unbiased information that helps them make qualified business decisions. The platform facilitates deeper insights using direct engagement with 650+ industry experts and analysts and allows buyers to discuss their requirements with 7,500 solution providers. Companies get to win ideal new customers, customize their quadrants, decide key parameters, and position themselves strategically in niche spaces, to be consumed by giants and startups alike. Experts get to grow their brand and increase their thought leadership. The platform targets the building of a social network that links industry experts with companies worldwide.

360Quadrants will also be launching quadrants in fields like Event Management Software, Marketing Automation Software, and Student Information Systems.
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