The specific numerical values ​​of mechanical properties that decrease

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The specific numerical values ​​of mechanical properties that decrease
The content, size and distribution of pores have a greater impact on the performance of carbon fiber. Even if two laminates with the same porosity (using different prepreg methods and manufacturing methods in the same curing cycle), they also exhibit completely different mechanical behaviors. When stressed, the pores expand to form long cracks, which are destroyed.

When the pore volume content is in the range of 0-4%, the interlayer shear strength decreases by about 7% for every 1% increase in the pore volume content. Due to the large number of variable factors, the effect of pores on the mechanical properties of composite laminates is a very complex issue.03mm2) have an adverse effect on the mechanical properties, which is attributed to the influence of pores on the crack propagation in the glue-rich zone between layers.

If you need to know more about the carbon fiber sandwich structure, you can contact us directly.9%, the interlaminar shear strength begins to decrease. And it is found that large pores (area>0. The specific numerical values ​​of mechanical properties that decrease with the increase of porosity are different, which is manifested in the large dispersion and poor repeatability of the influence of porosity on mechanical properties. Compared with porosity and pore length-to-width ratio, pore size and distribution have a greater impact on mechanical properties.

These factors include: the shape, size and location of the pores; the mechanical properties of fibers, matrix and interfaces; static or dynamic loads. When the material is stressed, it is easy to break along the interlayer, which is the reason why the interlayer shear strength is relatively sensitive to pores. Generally, the structure of carbon fiber is also regarded as composed of two-dimensional ordered crystals and pores. Among them, the carbon content is higher than 99% called graphite fiber. The spacing between the layers of carbon fiber is about .
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