Some existing thermal insulation materials will not be eliminated soon

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It remains unchanged for decades. The impact of building thermal insulation and energy conservation on the ecological environment has been caused In response to the concern of the industry, the exterior walls of buildings are required to be insulated. The application in the building thermal insulation project in my country has a history of more than ten years. Will affect the adhesion of the insulation layer.1. From the beginning to the present, people in the insulation material industry are concerned about the stability and safety of the system. No matter how good the product quality is, if the process is unreasonable, the process is not perfect, and the engineering quality management is not in place, it will affect the stability of the entire insulation system and the normal function of it. Furthermore, it is difficult for these oily organic foam insulation materials to be firmly bonded to the wall by cold bonding of mortar.  

With anti-radiation heat-absorbing materials, rock wool, and even processed crop straws, it is possible to use heat-insulating and harmless treated garbage, as well as hollow materials produced by technical means such as foaming. Organic thermal insulation materials In my country's Tianjin, Shanghai and other provinces and cities, the promotion and application of new thermal insulation materials have made rapid progress., to select targeted and highly applicable thermal insulation Materials and systems cannot be developed blindly. Play. It is necessary to focus on researching composite thermal insulation materials with low energy consumption, high thermal insulation efficiency, recyclable use, good ecology, good system stability, and low cost, especially in the use of waste , Has a good future for development. Perlite inorganic materials should be more suitable for thermal insulation materials., are prone to project quality and safety hazards.

The main factors are low strength of the insulation board, poor bearing capacity, easy deformation, easy combustion, easy degradation, etc. In terms of the development of thermal insulation materials, although many new materials will appear, some existing thermal insulation materials will not be eliminated soon. Therefore, the main purpose of building thermal insulation in the southern region should be to block the air. From the analysis of the material system, it can be seen that the functions and characteristics of any material in the insulation system are limited. You can spray water to wet the base before construction to weaken its water absorption capacity, because these materials have strong water absorption and high water absorption rate. How to deepen the Wholesale China Radom foam Manufacturers analysis and research of the nature, mechanism of action, and mutual relationship of various related raw materials, scientific selection of materials, and reasonable The application of this is very important, followed by research in engineering technology. With the development of the world energy crisis and the further deterioration of the ecological environment, my country’s energy and environmental protection issues have become more prominent due to the rapid economic development.

The development of thermal insulation materials and technology focuses on innovation. The construction of the thermal insulation project of the foamed plastic board material is relatively difficult, and the process technology is relatively complicated. Perlite inorganic thermal insulation materials. It has been ten years, but from the analysis of materials and professional technology, there is no theoretical basis. The use of other insulation materials will be astonishing, not only consuming a lot of resources, but also triggering new environmental problems. Some wall bases of composite insulation materials are particularly dry, especially through brick walls, hollow bricks, etc.

Although there are reports that foreign XX sticks to the wall three or four times. The most controversial aspects such as performance, service life, ecological and environmental protection, etc. 2. Insulation and energy saving work must be oriented to actual needs, and should be based on local environmental and climate characteristics, main building materials, resource advantages and resource recycling, safety guarantees, human settlements and environmental protection needs, etc. Innovation and development, my country's building insulation and energy conservation work will continue to move forward, which is a long-term task.
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