Buying a Nationality vs Investing in a Citizenship

Posted November 26, 2018 by SecondCitizenshipAdvisor

This distinction is important and essential. By understanding this key difference, the whole dynamic of the relationship changes.
Countries that are operating second citizenship by investment programs are keen that prospective investors understand that they shouldn’t be looking at the amount expended as ‘buying a nationality’, or ‘purchasing a passport’, but rather as an investment into the economy of the host country, in exchange for which they get the benefits and rights of citizenship of that country.

This distinction is important and essential. By understanding this key difference, the whole dynamic of the relationship changes. You become an investor, rather than a purchaser. You become vested in the growth and success of your new country of citizenship and a partner in its development. You understand that you have contributed to its growth in line with the national priorities of the country. It’s a long-term relationship, often one that spans generations, as the citizenship can be passed on to descendants.

This sense of belonging is critical to the success of the second citizenship programs being run. It enables the governments to maintain mutually beneficial relations with the community of citizenship investors and in return grant them something that they value, the most significant of which is a strong second passport.

Why having the cheapest citizenship program is counterproductive to the host country

Ironically, in a bid to get more and more investors for their country’s growth, some second citizenship programs have been lowering the investment threshold. This has been done partially in response to increasing competition as more countries have started running citizenship by investment programs, and sometimes because countries are in much needed funds for rehabilitation and reconstruction particularly after devastating cyclones.

The risk of such a reduction in price is that other countries who have provided visa-free travel benefits to citizens of such countries might repeal that visa-free travel status. This is because if the cost becomes too low, the citizenship becomes no longer selective and exclusive, but becomes more mass-oriented, and that does not appeal to those countries who had given the visa-free travel status to discerning citizens of another country.

It is therefore also in the benefit of the countries operating the citizenship by investment programs that they keep their program entry cost reasonably high, so that the travel benefits their passport confers does not get diluted and the respectability and strength of their passports is maintained.

To this end, countries are now being cautious in reducing their program entry threshold.

Trusted citizenship by investment agent

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