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2021 - The Era of Satta Kings is a game show on the theme of kings and satta. It is similar to the well known 'King of the Game' TV series. Hosted by Kaushik Shastri, this game show is famous all over India and enjoys enormous popularity among the people. The game show is based on a traditional narrative where contestants are chosen by a panel of experts who form a committee to decide the outcome of the game.
There are many versions of the game show. Each one is different in its design, story, rules, theme and fun. As you may have observed while watching the game shows on television, the satta part of the game is always considered as the most important part of the game. This is the part where the guests have to perform various data pranayam as an integral part of the game show and the show revolves around that theme. The satta pranayam act is performed by the guests during the introductory part of the show.
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The satta pranayam act is often accompanied by music, dance and words of wisdom from the satta masters. The show is generally shown on a large screen TV set but occasionally on a small screen TV. It is famous for its funny dialogues and hilarious sequences. The satta pranayam master carefully chooses his or her guests every time and plays the game accordingly. Guests often find it difficult to guess the different state paanayams given by the game show host and thus play a crucial role in the show.
The satta pranayam master conducts satta pranayama, which are performed according to the specific script written by him or her. The satta paanayam script has been carefully composed and recited by the state master in between the songs and music. It is not uncommon to observe the satta paanayams performed by women and children too. The guests are asked to sit on the floor or chairs. They sing or speak the state pranayama, which are conducted to a particular music track. These satta paanayams are generally brief but must maintain some rhythm and melody.
Sometimes the satta pranayam act is interspersed with comedy skits in which the guests are asked to imitate the different characters of the show. The guests will sing or speak dialogues related to the show and the satta master will intersperse some funny moments in between so that the audience gets engrossed in the skit act. These skits are usually shown before the data paanayam act. When the pranayama act concludes, the show is ready to come to an end.
The 21st century has seen many state game shows being telecast on the television network. Some of them are very popular while others are just for entertainment purposes. A satta pranayam show on TV is similar to a big screen drama. Many Telugu people prefer watching satta game shows because they portray a special aura about their beloved city. As state game shows are being telecast on a regular basis, there is no doubt that popularity of satta pranayam has touched the skies.
It's not just the people who sit in front of the TV screen and enjoy satta pranayam, it's also the hoteliers who get energized by seeing their guests enjoying state games in the open air. It is not only the rich and the famous who can take data pranayam to a different level. The common man can also get hooked on data as there are many state game shows being telecast on different channels everyday.
All you have to do is find out which channel you prefer most. There are many online satta game sites where you can choose your favorite game and enjoy playing it as much as you like.
If you are planning a weekend break in Chennai and want to spend it visiting some of the most famous tourist attractions in the city, then the state pranayam celebrations are the perfect option for you. While you enjoy the state game, stop by at the many state game show venues and get energized by watching other tourists play satta pranayam. After all, a holiday is meant to relax and spend time with family and friends, right? So, don't forget to indulge in satta pranayam while you are here in Chennai.
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