Properties of Oak Barrels

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There are a few secrets every winemaker should know, but the fact that oak barrels work better than any other kind of barrilas de madera is no secret at all.
There are a few secrets every winemaker should know, but the fact that oak barrels work better than any other kind of barrilas de madera is no secret at all. The special properties of this wood give texture and richness to the wine, unlike all the other types of wood. The trick is to know how to match the type of barrel with the variety of grapes, the amount of toasting, the desired aroma of the wine and the amount of time necessary for the aging process of the wine.
All professional winemakers know that there is no better wood for aging the wine than the oak. The special characteristics of this type of wood interact with the wine and transfer some of the finest properties. The wine catches a perfect aroma, but it also changes in texture and richness. Even an inexperienced taster can notice the difference made by such barrels. The most common influences on the aroma of the wine that stays in oak barriles is to accentuate those aromas that are a little bit spicy, such as cinnamon, nutmeg or vanilla or those that are richer, like coconut, clove, tea, toffee or butter.
It is not very clear why, but scientists have discovered the amazing properties of the oak only recently. People have been using wooden barrels for a long time before this, but it is only the oak the type of wood that gives a better aroma to the wine. The components of the oak that are absorbed by the wine are the vanillin and the wood tannins. They seep into the wine and add more complexity and texture. It is a real art to know how to choose your barriles de madera not only when it comes to the type of wood from which they are made, but also in terms of size and amount of toasting.
The degree of toasting is given to the barriles when they are manufactured. While it is still partially assembled, the barrel is placed over a small fire, so that the inside of the barrel is charred. The amount of toasting varies from light to medium or heavy and it should be selected according to the type of grapes used for making the wine. Every winemaker has his own secrets from this point of view.
If you research some of the most expensive wines in the world, you will find out that wine types such as Sauvignon Blanc orCabernet, Chardonnay, Tempranillo, Semillon, Pinot Noir or Blanc, Chianti or Nebbiolo are made by using the incredible properties of the oak. Of course, not all the wine types are receptive to such barriles de madera and that is the reason why you should make sure that you have the right type of grapes when making the wine.
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