Reasons to Become a Member of the Oregon Credit Union

Posted June 29, 2020 by SarahAddyson

There are many reasons why the Oregon credit union stands out from other financial institutions and it gains more and more popularity and acknowledgment.
There are many reasons why the Oregon credit union stands out from other financial institutions and it gains more and more popularity and acknowledgment. It is not easy trusting someone with your money, but as long as you conduct some research and know everything about fees, interest rates, terms and conditions, risks are lowered. The best credit unions in Oregon focus on providing excellent services and want to please members, help the community, and make a difference. 

What is the Oregon Credit Union 

The Oregon credit union is a financial cooperation and it is similar to a bank, offering similar services. Instead of clients, unions have members and they have certain rights, such as voting in board meetings. They are smaller and more personal, but most importantly, they are non-profit, and they don’t have to please shareholders. Members volunteer to take the positions of committee or board members. This is a great advantage, especially if you want to know what happens inside a financial cooperative and want to have rights, not only obligations. 

Services offered are not as different from banks, because members have access to checking and savings accounts, credit/debit cards, loans of all kind, investment possibilities, and more. However, there are still some misconceptions regarding them, as some people believe they need to have certain positions to join the credit union, belong to the military, work in certain governmental organizations, which is not the case. Requirements are more convenient nowadays and, in some situations, it is enough to live in a certain area, worship a church, study or work within the location. 

Which Are the Best Credit Unions in Oregon 
The best credit unions in Oregon  need to respect some guidelines in order to assure people of their reliability. For once, they need to be insured. In case something happens at a certain point, members need to know their money is secured and they will be able to access them no matter what. Reputation also matters and if you can find solid reviews from members and the union has many members, then it is a good sign. You can also look them up online and find out more about their products and services, in what way they help the community. 

People tired of paying extra fees and dealing with unresponsive customer service at banks want something different. They want better treatment and they deserve it, considering they invest time and money in that institution. Credit unions have some of the best features, including lower interest rates on loans and higher ones on savings accounts, insured deposits, reasonable eligibility requirements, lower fees, great access to ATMs, to internet and mobile banking, investment opportunities, and many more. 

The Oregon credit union  offers personalized customer service, and this is because it cares about members and the community. They are smaller in organization and unlike corporate banks, they can afford to spend time with new and existing members, to listen to their inquiries, offer advice and find the suitable services for them. This is much appreciated, considering that many people need help when it comes to finance. Not everyone has knowledge about all terms and understands the implications when getting a loan, opening an account, and such. 

In fact, unions offer financial education to those interested in the community. It is essential to know some basic information about financial aspects, how to save and spend money, how to obtain a loan, how to get rid of debts, and more. Such extra programs are not very often encountered, and they make a difference for many people, because they end up being more prepared for the real world. People struggle with debt and they are often refused by banks when they want to access a loan. At credit unions, other members try to find solutions and educate people to bring them on the right track and fully understand the implications. 

You can easily find the best credit unions in Oregon these days, because they are accessible online, they have websites and you can find everything about them. To get a better view of application requirements and the perks of being a member, set up a meeting and discuss with existing members about the benefits and why you should join in the first place. No one is tied down to their bank and knowing there are alternatives out there is very helpful. It doesn’t take long to research and after comparing fees and interest rates, you will certainly come to the conclusion that unions are more beneficial. 
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