Big news:swtor2credits Sept 14 Free 500M for swtor credit cap promo is upcoming

Posted September 10, 2016 by rsorderhere

Big news:swtor2credits Sept 14 Free 500M for swtor credit cap promo is upcoming
Since these two Crew Skills will generate you the most Credits these are the buy swtor credits only two that are a requirement for this guide. The third is a bit optional, I prefer Archaeology since that seems to be the highest grossing gathering profession when it comes to actually?gathering?the items. Anyway let's take a look at the rewards you will be getting from Underworld Trading first and going over them piece by piece.

?This will be your highest grossing item since it is the most common metal and is also used in both Synthweaving and Armormech which are the two main armor making Tradeskills for Heavy armor. Be sure to up the price on Ciridium than what the Auction House originally prices it at, it's worth a helluva lot more than what the base price is. I can usually get 1.1k per bar (down to 800 on some servers)for this stuff which is awesome considering how common it can be.

You will only get this metal from unlocked missions or from critting normal yield metal missions. As you could imagine Mandalorian Iron sells for a ton but it depends a lot on your server. If people aren't running that many heroics then this won't sell at all on your server but if there is a lot of high levels Mandalorian Iron will be a better grossing item than Ciridium. Depending on the day I can normally get 8k or 9k credits per Mandalorian Iron.

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