Every Deal is a Homerun at Fielder’s Choice Realty

Posted December 8, 2018 by RonaldCWilliams

Fielder’s Choice Realty operates in ways few others, if any do. Our Sales and Marketing execution is what puts us at the top of the standings.
Fielder’s Choice Realty is one of the budding real estate brokerage firms in the Phoenix Metro area. With the ever changing market trends in real estate, companies need to be innovative and must quickly adapt to the diversity of the needs of clients. Fielder’s Choice Realty prides itself in grasping the opportunities brought on by technology. The company’s passion for providing superior, quality real estate services compelled them to look for ingenious means of improving their services and providing customers with a more up-to-date and scientific methodology for finding homes or amazing investment properties.

With almost 30,000 active listings in the Phoenix Metro area, finding a suitable property based on your requirements and preferences is like finding a needle in a haystack, a very huge haystack. What Fielder’s Choice Realty did is to setup a methodology to better sift through and evaluate nearly 40,000 homes. The company also markets Arizona listings in other Arizona-friendly markets such as Canada, Iowa, Chicago, Minneapolis and New York among others. Basically, all the cold places where winter visitors come from. No other firms, big or small, are engaging in this kind of marketing. The company’s high-tech approach to online marketing saturation for sellers and winning, real-time negotiation strategies for buyers are among the reasons why clients have preferred Fielder’s Choice Realty.

The company decided to be playful with their love for baseball and gave it the name “Fielder’s Choice”, a well-known baseball idiom. The company doubled down on this theme when Billy Kehoe became one of its associates. Billy is an accomplished baseball mind and world class hitting coach. With his vast experience in working with high schools, colleges, universities and major-league baseball players, Billy fits right in with the culture at Fielder’s Choice Realty.

With Phoenix being the “Disneyland” of baseball because most of the major league teams have their spring training here, the company is looking forward to merging real estate with their love for baseball.

Fielder’s Choice Realty specializes in working with customers and investors alike in recognizing ideal properties and negotiates them down to fantastic prices. Its team has extensive experience in the real estate industry and enjoy their own share of successes in selling various types of properties from luxury homes to commercial shopping centers, office complexes, apartment buildings, condominiums, traditional single family homes and even new builds.

The company has set itself apart by using cutting edge technologies and state-of-the-art systems in listing, marketing, and purchasing of viable investment properties including homes, condominiums and townhouses. With their determination to provide first class customer services in line with their comprehensive market analytics, Fielder’s Choice Realty now offers a free, downloadable Mobile Search App that will provide clients with a much easier and convenient way of searching for their ideal properties in real-time.

Fielder’s Choice Realty is dedicated to professionally negotiating the best value to reach the best price possible for their sellers. Both these proprietary and far reaching marketing strategies are put to use in conjunction with state-of-the-art searches so that both sellers and buyers will be able to have an accessible platform for finding their new home or selling their current one.

As one of the leading brokerage firms in the Phoenix Metro area, Fielder’s Choice Realty is ready to help its customers and investors find the perfect residential or investment property, and continue earning unprecedented repeat clientele.

With their passion for providing quality, superior real estate services, client sellers, buyers and investors are compelled to recommend their services to friends, family and sometimes, even to strangers.

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