Alexandrite Engagement Rings: The Complete Guide

Posted August 13, 2021 by RareGemCollection

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Although diamonds are eternal, few gemstones are as curiously captivating as alexandrite, making it an excellent choice for a distinctive engagement ring. The stone's ever-changing color and rarity make it genuinely one-of-a-kind and more than just a fleeting craze, and it's ideal for brides looking for something truly one-of-a-kind.

What is Alexandrite?

Alexandrite is a rare chrysoberyl type that is well-known for being a pleochroic stone, meaning it appears to be a different hue depending on its setting. Alexandrite is greenish-blue to dark yellow-green in daytime, but it appears pink to red in incandescent or candlelight.

What to Look for in Alexandrite Jewelry

Because alexandrite has a unique color-changing property, you should check to see if the metals and other stones you're using will work with all of the different hues. Here are a few other things to consider before buying an alexandrite ring.

• What metals pair the best alexandrite?

It looks wonderful in yellow gold, which contrasts the green/teal cold tones while highlighting the red/purple warm tones. A white metal will work in the other direction. It depends on whether you favor warmer or colder tones, and which you choose to complement.

• How much do alexandrite rings cost?

The price is also determined by the color shift—the more intense the color change, the more expensive it will be. Purple or brownish tones are less desirable than those that transition to red. You should only spend a premium price for one that has both warm and cold tones, as well as reds.

• What settings look best with alexandrite?

Because alexandrite is softer than a conventional diamond, it's a good idea to use a strong precious metal to keep it in place.

You should avoid treated gemstones since they have had their color, clarity, or durability changed at some time. Synthetic stones are chemically similar to natural stones, with the exception that they were created in a laboratory by a man. Natural stones have a significantly higher value than manufactured stones. If at all feasible, and if your budget permits, I recommend solely using natural gemstones.

How to Care for Your Alexandrite Ring

Because alexandrite is a hard stone, caring for it is quite easy. If you want a more thorough cleaning, go to the jeweler where you bought the ring. Your ring will be able to be steam cleaned, sonic cleaned, and even polished by them.


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