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At Pinnacle Health Clinic offer the latest in Cryotherapy, Colonic Hydrotherapy, Oxygen Chamber, Salt Room, Floating Pod, Infra Red Sauna and Naturopathy.
As one of Australia’s oldest and most trusted clinics we pride ourself on serving you, and your family as a top priority.

Pinnacle is Health Delivered Naturally
For thousands of years, natural health solutions have offered people worldwide, relief and wellness without chemicals or a surgery-first mentality. In that spirit, for over thirty years, Pinnacle Clinic has provided a higher level of patient-first care by blending innovation with proven best practices.

Proven and Trusted Care Since 1984
For over three decades, as one of Australia-Pacific’s oldest and most trusted natural health care providers, we’ve constantly sought new and enhanced options to empower clients to better health – with a more pleasant, personable and relationship-focused approach.

Best Practices That Have Stood the Test of Time
Health care has changed dramatically over the years, but after serving thousands of people our commitment to best practices is unchanged. We’ve embraced new technologies, pioneered a higher level of care, but through it all remained faithful to our founding values. Our team is guided by them every day. Our goal has always been to deliver people focused, client-first natural health care. Pinnacle’s multi-disciplinary practitioners abide by a strict Code of Conduct that is governed by our values. First and foremost, compassionate care for the individual’s health and wellness.
Led by an internationally renowned third generation natural health practitioner, Pinnacle combines bold new ideas anchored by traditional practice. For all our considerable growth since 1984, adding new clinics throughout Australia and the entire South Pacific region, most important is what hasn’t changed. Our goals and highest priorities, have and always will be, caring for people. People first, last and always. Pinnacle Health is always more about you, and less about us.

We welcome your visit to one of our three locations in Sydney and Melbourne. Or, if you are in Brisbane, Canberra, Newcastle, Central Coast, Adelaide, Perth, Samoa, Fiji, Tonga, or New Zealand, please contact our Outreach Care Team for the highest level of natural health care, with personal service and individual attention.
To set a higher standard as a leader in natural health care and an example of respect, constant improvement, compassion and real world results for clients and staff.

To be an unparalleled provider of natural health care, driven by the determination to constantly learn, innovate, and contribute to human improvement and the greater good.

Core Principles – Human First, Last and Always
Compassionate Practice :We serve all people of the world with services delivered by an integrated team of professionals.
Continual Education: We are dedicated to ongoing learning that enables us to continually better serve people.
Ongoing Innovation :We remain open to new ideas and techniques to better serve people around the world.
Mutual Respect :We treat all people – clients and staff with the respect and dignity that everyone deserves.
Highest Possible Quality :Anything less than continually improving processes and products is unacceptable.
Environment and Experience :A staff dedicated to the very best for each person in a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere.
Serving the Greater Good :We believe that our work should support and benefit the communities we serve.
Purpose Beyond Transactions :We are a for profit business, but our primary goal is the health and wellness of people.

Model of Care
Critical core elements characterize what every client can expect. Our objective is the delivery of highest quality care that respects the individual in a comfortable environment for a pleasant experience. Health Care is rapidly changing, but the Pinnacle Model of Care remains a constant, consistent symbol of commitment to personal service.

Pinnacle Clinic staff integrates a wide range of specialties and expertise, combining wisdom in an environment that respects each person and takes the time to treat the individual. Our expanded services are designed to empower patients to greater health with more options, and manageable costs.


We view every person as an individual, and craft custom solutions for each patient with whom we interact. We get to know you, understand you, and together develop a strategy from a wide range of services to achieve your goals. Primary services are listed below with more being added all the time.

Analysis and Assessment.
Food and nutrition to water, elimination, structure and more.
Extended or Short Consultation Options.
Convenient options to choose what’s right for you
Strong or Gentle Detox and Cleanses.
An easier and far more pleasant way to cleanse the system.
Colonic Irrigation when advisable.
A remarkable advanced cleansing technique.
Oxygen Chamber to enhance breathing..
Expand your breathing capacity.
Infrared Sauna Radiant Heat Therapy.
Stimulate your metabolic activity.
Bio-Density Analysis.
Increase muscle mass and bone generation.
Blood, Breathing, Cranial, Cupping and Massage
All tailored to your needs.
Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching and Acupuncture
Services to address your conditions, needs and goals.
Holistic Dentistry Services.
Oral care as part of total better health.
Better Tasting Medicines and Supplements.
Superior quality and better results without unpleasant taste.
Hand-Selected Staff Speaks 11 Languages.
We speak to you in your own language.
Body Movement and Posture Classes.
Treating chronic pain without chiros and physios.
Juicing and Organic fruit and vegetables.
Great options and affordable packages are available.
Organic options at Parramatta and Double Bay.
Healthy never tasted so delicious!
Health retreats and Gift packages.
Fun, creative opportunities to exercise, relax and get healthy!
Custom One-on-One Sessions.
A dynamic 12 Step Process for overall health and wellness.
Personalized Strategies Designed One Person at a Time

The Pinnacle Team

Our staff has been carefully selected and works closely together as a team. Each member has been meticulously screened and highly-trained to meet and exceed the very highest standards. Today, for all the many changes in health care, we never forget that it is a people business. Our people are our biggest asset and this truly sets us apart.

Caring, self-motivated professionals with diverse backgrounds who come from around the globe but are united by their passion, work ethic, values and dedication to patient care. Together, we strive for excellence, constant learning and continual improvement, elevating natural health to a higher level and serving people like no one else.

Contact us:

Pinnacle Health Clinic
417-421 Church St, North Parramatta NSW 2151, Australia
International: +61 2 9890 7004
Email: [email protected]

Double Bay:
Level 1/4 Cross St,
Double Bay NSW 2028 Australia

Hawthorn :
167 Camberwell Rd
Hawthorn, VIC 3123

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Contact Email [email protected]
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