Laser Engravers value range beginning from $6000!

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Visit Prytec Solutions shop in Brisbane and Sydney for laser cutters and engravers. We offer suitable laser engraving for metal, plastic, and other materials!
Available in a variety of colours. Prytec Mirrored Acrylics offer unlimited creative potential and are an excellent way to make your business stand out.

Traditionally, laser etching involved burning an image onto the surface of an object while engraving was referred to the process where material was removed by cutting with a knife or a blade. With the latest innovation of the laser cutting machines, both the processes are possible with the same machine, by adjusting the intensity of the laser.

Acrylic is a non-organic polymer which when exposed to the laser gets vaporised, distorting the surface area in appearance. A 3D effect can also be given to the panel, but it is more effective on softer materials. We can cut Acrylic with ouPrytec Solutions take pride in supplying the right machinery, CNC Machines, Fibre Lasers, UV Printers, Large Format Printers and many more. Find us in Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane where we are engraving, Milling and Vinyl Cutting Consumables. to any size or shape and print or engrave any acrylic panel with patterns desired by the customer.

Wood Engravings

The boundaries to engraving are endless! If a piece of material can fit into the laser engraver, it has the potential to be engraved. The laser burns the surface of a wooden material, to create crisp lettering or images as wood, is an organic produce.

The etching part adds detailing to the woodwork and creates a 3D effect. Depending on the job requirement timber engraving is done by Prytec by a variety of ways. We engrave on wood; laser engrave wood and sand blast wood with our laser engravers Sydney.

Basically, any type of timber can be engraved at Prytec. The digital capabilities and the speed of the laser engraving process make it a cost effective and quicker option than the others.

Custom Engravings

Laser engraving is an efficient and quick way to engrave products. Companies opt for the laser engraving process when they are producing in large quantities. It is a versatile process that can be used to brand or personalise any products of the manufacturer.

Laser engraving is a relatively expensive process to produce high volumes of products due to the set up time taken to ensure consistency, the time required to engrave, but the costs can be cut down if the company opts for mass production at Prytec. If you compare the traditional forms of manual engraving processes, using a laser engraver has proved to be substantially economical.

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