Humans are moving away from humanity, By – Atul Malikram, Founder, PR 24×7

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Humans are moving away from humanity, By – Atul Malikram, Founder, PR 24×7
With changing times humans have also changed, in many ways. With the changing times the world is also moving on and adopting modern social standards and means, but moving away from their actual origin of being human beings.

From being a socially responsible character humans have changed their personality to being hu-means, one who have become mean, self acknowledging and people who live with the regressive behavior of ‘Might is Right’. Learning to live with this competitive world and proving individual worth Humans have inculcated the habit of being pickers and opportunists to find mistake in others existence and the work they do.

Being mean is not only a bad habit but a curse to making however living in the society we exist today and the competition with ‘Survival of the fittest’ is the soul motive. However, brutal but true this is that today’s humans exist human beings don’t.

The generation today is factor of their individual soul, thinking of what’s right/wrong is their own choice with limited thought process is the reality that is faced by today’s generation. On the other hand, if we talk about having faith, humans today are neither true nor trustworthy.

Today if you go to seek individual opinions a person would rather believe an unknown than their own family/friends/relatives. This is surprising but true, that today’s generation want to stay away from everyone, however there is no restriction or problem of love and care but still living on someone’s guidelines is always difficult specially when a person has a stand for himself and is self-sufficient.

Whenever a celebrity promotes a product or service, people are eager to buy it. But when a relative or friend of ours starts a new business, how often do we think in taking his product or service, we research it, judge it, and finally ensure not being a regular customer for it. Taking out negatives is easier than saying ‘yes, you can do it’.

One question that keeps popping up my mind, all the times, I’d like to put out here, Why we blindly believe in people whom we have never met, whom we do not even know well, who are already living a life full of amenities vis-à-vis people who live the same life as us or say that we have millions of reasons for not supporting our loved ones. Actually if we go out and measure reality these are mere excuses, yes! Just excuses.
Why don’t we for once question ourselves what are we doing? Why don’t we understand that we are pushing our own people backwards? How can we trust a stranger more than our loved ones? Why are we not able to make this belief towards our loved ones?

Think, about it… when you have some time for self-analysis
The Vocal for Local Campaign launched by the Prime Minister contains all the answers to these questions. We must go ahead and promote this initiative and do something good for bringing back the flavor of oneness and humanity amongst our people. When someone starts a new job, weaves thousands of dreams, the affection from their loved ones doubles but with the urge to work.

This is the time when your oneness and companionship works to boost their courage, and they find a way to touch new heights. Even if you do not need that product or service at that very point in time, but it is always advisible to extend a hand of support to other people to maintain humanity and goodwill. It is a humble request, whenever a relative or friend posts about their business, do not forget to like, share and comment. Encourage them and their efforts, be a part of their journey and promote it together.
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