Advantages and disadvantage of stainless-steel mesh

Posted April 12, 2021 by pokecraft997

Quality mosquito, insect and security screens now available in Abu Dhabi. Our mesh screens may look like ordinary insect screens
Before we discuss the advantage and disadvantage of stainless-steel mesh, it should be clear which mesh are we talking about. In Dubai people live in high-rise apartments and villas where the protectionfrom bugs and insects is a must. Here we are talking about the safety screens which are used for protection against insects, bugs and intruders!Till now homes had mosquito net Dubai made up of fibreglass which is not at all durable and normally can’t withstand the heat of Dubai for more than a year or two. To overcome this problem high quality safety screens are now being manufactured using atough stainless-steel mesh.

These fly screens andmosquito net Dubai made fromstainless-steel have a number of advantages for residents in Dubai and across the UAE.


Strength and durability

No doubt stainless-steel is a very strong and corrosion resistant material and so is stainless-steel mesh. The stainless-steel mesh used for manufacturing the modern fly screen door abu dhabi is knitted together with a proprietary technology which makes it highly durable and strong.

Corrosion and Rust proof

This woven stainless-steel mesh is not just a simple mesh; it isassembled as acomplete system of safety screens. These stainless-steel mesh grid type screens are enclosed with aluminium frames forming a complete safety screen which is ready to be installed in your homes. Aluminium is robust and corrosion resistant material used in all kinds of construction so it along with stainless steel makes a very good combination.

Protection from bugs

These stainless-steel fly screens provide world class protection against all bugs and insects which can enter the home and bring disease. No doubt that conventional fly screens can provide protection from bugs but they are very flimsy and need to be repaired or replaced every few years.

All round protection

The modern safety screens are impact and distortion resistant so they also provide protection to kids and pets from falling outofhigh rise windows. Cats and dogs are notorious at damaging traditional fiberglass net screens however they can’t damage the powder coated stainless steel mesh found in a safety screen system.

Easy cleaning

Cleaning of stainless-steel security mesh is very easy and can be done with just normal detergent. Sponge and water along with normal detergent is enough for cleaning the stainless-steel mesh. These safety screens do not distort after cleaning unlike the regular fiberglass roll-up type screens.


The list of advantages of the stainless-steel mess does not end here. However, there are very few disadvantages of these meshes which we think the buyers must be aware of.

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The modern stainless steel meshes comes with powder coating which is no doubt very durable feature but if the powder coating gets damaged it can be difficult to repair.The cost of stainless steel is higher than the conventional screens so those with a tight budget may find it difficult to buy.These costs, however must be weighed over the lifetime of a stainless steel mesh screen which never need repair.

It is clear from the above discussion that stainless-steel screens have many more advantages than disadvantages. These screens are popular around the world and are now available throughout the UAE from Safety Screens Aluminum Installations LLC located in Dubai.

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