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Posted June 3, 2021 by poicointoken

In this article we will do an in-depth talk about everything related to Africa's First Coin - PoiCoin, including its purpose, the roadmap, and how it will become a profitable investment option for all.
We are amid a digital evolution of traditional currency. Transactions conducted via digital payments is no longer a strange concept to the general consumers and it is now an established fact that cryptocurrencies are here to stay and are bringing about a digital revolution to the world of currencies as we know them. There are currently thousands of cryptocurrencies out there, the most popular being the BITCOIN while others are generally referred to as Altcoins. These coins all have their own special purpose for which they were created and are directly or indirectly in competition with Bitcoin. But today we are here to talk about a special cryptocurrency - PoiCoin.

PoiCoin is a unique cryptocurrency created to serve a specific purpose which we will expound on in the course of this article and the goal is that in the long run the coin would be a lucrative investment for investors as an all-purpose-currency which can be used for any and all digital transactions. In this article we will do an in-depth talk about everything related to Africa's First Coin - PoiCoin, including its purpose, the roadmap, and how it will become a profitable investment option for all.

PoiCoin - Reviving Africa's dying economy

POICOIN is an innovative project developed in Africa. The POI adopted its name from the Hawaiian POI, a superfood Sacred for its life-giving ability. Similarly, POI gives life to every region of the African continent and the global continent through its unique DApps, which have diverse characteristics suitable for everyday life.

It aims to rebuild Africa's dying economy by putting blockchain in every mobile phone and becoming Africa's first coin in value exchange and empowerment!

It is moving ahead with a unique vision to provide a blockchain environment with a value system that allows the economy to bring present blockchain compliant individuals and businesses with vast untapped non-blockchain users and new blockchain users together through diverse systemic DAPPs powered by blockchain technology.

POICOIN is revolutionizing the economy by developing better DApps that serve as real-time practical solutions to real-life problems in Africa and beyond.

POI Token - Africa's First Coin

POI is a decentralized ethereum blockchain-based digital currency created with the ERC20 standard for smart contracts, with an innovative service architecture that provides the entire cryptocurrency community with an intuitive and secure mode of transaction supported by smart contracts. We created POI with the sole purpose of distributing blockchain DApps to every mobile phone in Africa and the world.

The incorporation of the latest technology will put us in a good position in third world countries to sustain our offering of extraordinary economic change. We believe our success will depend on deploying DAPs that satisfy every member of the POI community in terms of acceptability, broad use-case, transaction speed, ease of use, efficient mobile interfaces. It will enhance the economic and purchasing power of people in everyday life, along with efficient mobile interfaces that help unlock true value for businesses / entrepreneurs. With POI, we can change lives in Africa and the world one big blockchain at a time.

PoiCoin the Solution

With a very robust plan, support and all the below features, PoiCoin is providing solutions to various problems such as Unavailability of everyday products and services, inability to trade globally, difficulty in navigating the trading apps, complex and slow platforms, eliminating the middleman, unavailability of a secure payment system and inability to securely convert digital currencies like bitcoin and ether to local currencies fast and easy.

The purpose of POI is to be a major utility token of exchanges for value-added service and its features include but are not limited to:

Features of PoiCoin

POI Token: Decentralized Ethereum blockchain-based Digital Currency aimed at providing a profitable and secure mode of transaction.

Wallet Services: The Wallet will ensure that the POI ecosystem can effectively interact with the technology in a safe and smooth way.

DApps: An open source platform that will allow programmers around the world to create innovative and state-of-the-art technological applications for the ecosystem.

Global Exchange: POI has its own exchange where the holder of POI can participate in trading (selling & buying) of their tokens.

Ecosystem: we will build a vibrant ecosystem around POI and members of the ecosystem will have access to a lot of discounted services, bonuses and products, using POI as a means of payment or exchange.

Marketplace/E-Commerce: The marketplace will include diverse traders and producers who will accept / send POI as a medium of value exchange for their various products and services with a global community of consumers.

Products/Services: Exclusive products and services will be launched on the POI network with the highest discounts the industry has ever heard of as an incentive to use the ecosystem.

Strategic Partnership: As required, we will form strategic partnerships with major companies / agencies to further enrich the user experience of the POI ecosystem.

POS and Debit Cards: POS and ATM devices deployed at specific locations in small communities will be a strategic tool to carry blockchain to the grassroots, especially to African communities! We will issue special debit cards for the ecosystem which will always ensure barrier free access to funds.

ICO Pre-Sale : Invest in POI now

Poicoin's ICO pre-sale will run in two phases and a total of 35,000,000 POIs will be available in this sale. The First phase of POI ICO Pre-Sale already started from May 30, 2021. 23:59 UTC and it will end on June 13, 2021 23:59 UTC. 15,000,000 POI tokens will be available for buying at $0.10/POI price during this phase of pre-sale and purchase can be made using ETH.

The second phase will begin from June 20, 2021. 23:59 UTC and will end on July 4, 2021 23:59 UTC. 20,000,000 POI tokens will be available for buying at $0.15/POI price during this phase of pre-sale.

It is a private pre-sale, so it is open to registered members only. To take part in the pre-sale, visit today. The Price of POI is very low for now but with the progress the price will go up at a rocket pace. Invest in PoiCoin now and rebuild a new economy for Africa with us.

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