With R2/RT you do a ball roll as usual

Posted May 4, 2023 by Nfkjasfas

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When you are in 1v1 with the keeper, you must hold L1/LB and flick the right stick in the direction of travel from left to right. If you do not press L1/LB, your player will perform a normal heel to heel. The heel to ball roll has an animation that throws the defender or goalkeeper off balance, even if you're contained in defence with L2 and R2. As soon as the opponent falls for this move, you can easily run past him.

This trick is probably the most annoying, because it simply initiates an insane change of direction, without the player losing speed. Also, all follow-up moves can be executed directly. At the same time, the defender can't react that quickly to this move at all, even if you anticipate the trick. For the ball roll scoop turn you need a 5-star skiller.

With the ball roll scoop turn, you can create several metres of space in the opponent's penalty area and pass the ball to a free team-mate. You should use the skill when you are running towards the goalline in the penalty area and want to pass the ball into the middle with a quick movement. The trick is really difficult to execute, you should practice it in the training arena beforehand.

With R2/RT you do a ball roll as usual, but immediately afterwards you have to flick the left stick in the desired direction in which the trick is to be performed. At the same time, you have to perform a fake shot, i.e. circle/square + X or X/B + A. Sounds complicated, and it is complicated. But practice makes perfect, and this skill cannot be defended in-game.

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