Lost Ark is offering a scope of drops through a program it's called Legends of Lost Ark

Posted July 15, 2022 by Nfkjasfas

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Also, every 2 to 3 days, there's the daily event of Chaos Gates. It takes less than five minutes to complete, and the rewards are Rift Fragments and an auction for legendary maps. The money you collect through the legendary auction is dependent on market prices. Although they're currently on the lower side of the spectrum (50-70 gold for gates at tier 3) They will move higher when the cost of shard pouches rises.

Additionally, some gates for chaos have a low chance of dropping Relic 1 person maps at tier. These can be obtained from The Feiton Chaos Gate for tier 2 materials, as well as that of the South Vern Chaos Gate that will arrive in the May update of materials for tier 3. Regarding the rewards, one player posted on Reddit an image of receiving 11.000 gold as well as some upgrade materials from only 1 map.

At present, there are four known AoE indicator that the bosses utilize. These are Red, Blue, Yellow and Purple. Each of these indicators comes with distinct meanings and tells you precisely what to expect from the attack.

Red is the primary damage indicator, not much more to add to it. If you spot this color indicator, you typically want to leave the area in a safe manner, and dodge if necessary. Every AoE attack in the game will employ this indicator, excluding some of the harder games that have other indicators.

Yellow indicates an intense push effect. These are attacks that will push you a considerable distance away, or possibly away from an arena that is a threat to you. The majority of attacks that use this mechanic can be avoided with other strategies. these, like objects that will block the attack , without you having Level 2 Ultra Armor.

If an attack is connected with the target, you'll experience a crowd control effect, or more specifically, one that blocks attack and movement. These are the types of attacks you'll always be looking to avoid until you're able to escape and then use an attack with an attack level of 3 Super Armor or all Immunity.

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